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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Merrilee and Sanskrit 

Here is another entry in Merrilee's continuing saga. Once again, we include her very frank description because it reveals just how intense and powerful the goddess Kundalini can be in the opening stages. All the feeling centers may be opened, and each opening may be sensed as an affirmation of divine connection. Walt Whitman said, "I Sing the Body Electric" and her account reminds us of how fully alive the body may become under the right circumstances.

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(Note: the following entry begins with a reference to a poem with commentary by Ivan Granger, which Ivan published earlier on his Poetry-Chaikhana website:

from Ivan:
This poem by the controversial Sufi saint al-Hallaj beautifully evokes the sense how, in the sacred state, movement ceases for the individual, though there is not inactivity. All action -- inner and outer -- becomes only an appearance of self-governed movement, when, in reality, it is seen to be the natural flowing of the Divine through us. The individual identity only pretends to be directing the movement but, like a gull resting on the ocean waves, it is simply carried along by the moon's tug upon the tide.

from Merrilee:
Ivan's comment is wonderful. It reminds me of how I feel when I listen to my CD's and do my hand and arm dancing. I am there, but I am much more watching than doing. I can stop if I want, and I can even influence what is happening a bit, but I am definitely the gull on the waves being carried along.

I had some interesting experiences earlier this morning when chanting "Om Namah Shivaya" ("I surrender to the Self"). On occasion, when I got to last syllable of the chant, I had an orgasm. It surprised me as I wasn't expecting it, in part because I didn't feel any kind of "build up" on the preceding syllables. This even happened as I chanted during my morning walk.

I did a lot of chanting (in my head) and some small hand dancing movements on the van, too. I noticed that I could avoid having an orgasm on the last syllable of the chant if I visualized the Kundalini energy not going all the way up my spine, but rather just spreading out into my upper back or staying in my neck. That was actually quite wonderful, too, as I felt sweet, soft, blissful energy flowing throughout my back and my neck over and over as I chanted. (Note: when I do have orgasms, I don't visualize anything. I think the energy just goes all the way up my spine of its own accord.)

One more interesting thing - after I got to work I started chanting (in my head) "Thy will be done", which is very similar to "I surrender to the Self", and (of course) I had orgasms! Eastern or Western - they both work for me!

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