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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Merrilee's Gift 

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As Merrilee's spiritual opening continues, she experiences a vision and is told about her gift.

On Sunday, January 22nd, I had a wonderful experience while listening to tracks 4 through 7 of the Chakra Chants CD by Jonathan Goldman.

As has happened during some previous sessions, I had a vision of white light flowing down from above and into my head. The whole top of my head was open, and the light went all the way through my body and down into my feet. The message I received - and this was the main theme of the whole session - was that I am being prepared to do healing, that this is my Kundalini gift. And I'm going to do this healing with other people in a "spiritual community".

Throughout the session I experienced a lot of kriyas which made my body shake and twitch. I was told the kriyas were part of the process of getting me ready to do healing. Additionally I was told I should serve others in the same fashion that St. Clare of Assisi did. She was known for her humility and her kindness to all people.

For the entire session my hands rested in a palms-up position on the arms of my chair, and there was pressure in my palms that made me think of my previous visions where I felt like I was nailed to a cross.

I had been hoping for some kind of more profound listening session, and I certainly got it. January 22nd is my late Dad's birthday, so maybe it was a present from him.

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