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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Moving Forward 

As you know, I believe that there is Power in completion, it is a transformer and it opens the door to the future. The future is fluid and in potentia. It contains all the possibilities of that which we are becoming. Where we are going in our Life really matters more than what and where we have been! The Power is in the Now, in the moment, in the joy of the creative process. Growth requires courage, but then it is more helpful to heal our Life than keep on suffering! Let us always acknowledge the past, honor the Journey and move [with gusto] to the future!

Tamara Diagilev, Ph. D.

These words by my long time friend Tamara Diagilev (a gifted psychic counselor and spiritual teacher) are especially meaningful to me at this moment in my life. I am currently undergoing profound life transition/ transformation. I am moving from San Francisco to Southern California in a few weeks. It will be a major shift in my lifestyle in many ways.

I will be moving to the area north of San Diego which is known as the "North Coast." This area is well away from the dominant cultural patterns of either San Diego or L. A. I will be living in one of the small and charming coastal towns scattered along the Pacific coast in that vicinity.

The weather there is said to be among the most moderate in the world, second only to the Canary Islands. I grew up in the sun belt, and seem to flourish in sunny climes, and have more difficulty in climate such as S. F., with its heavy fog and rain and cold for much of the year.

However, my interest in this new area goes beyond the climate. I have met friends there who follow a spiritual path much akin to my own, one which focuses on experiencing kundalini as a link to the divine. It is my hope that those of us who are connected in this way will together form a healing circle, so that we can use these wondrous energies to help and heal others in whatever way. There are many healers and light workers nearby, so the atmosphere will be right. Daniel Jacob refers often to the "gathering of the clans and tribes" which is occurring now, both on the earth level and the inner planes. This is the time I also foresaw years ago, when those dedicated to higher purpose would discover one another, and come together to do significant work together.

So--I will go soon to explore this new chapter in my life. I am full of happy expectations for what the future will bring.

Now--I must return to my packing--40 boxes of books--just think of that!

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