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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Some Important Workshops 

Here are some important workshops which are coming up, two on the East Coast and the other on the West Coast

The first two are being given by Lawrence Edwards, Ph. D., who is a personal friend of mine. He is Jungian therapist who has dedicated his life to the service of the Divine. He has counseled hundreds of people undergoing kundalini arousal, and is a recognized authority on that subject. I recommend him most highly.


The Power To Change Your Life

Makes a great holiday gift for someone special you truly care about. Give the gift of inner peace and great health.

Registration Fee: $120 (includes light lunch)
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Anam Cara, Inc., Bedford, NY

Taught by: Lawrence Edwards, Ph.D.,
Internationally known meditation teacher and author of:

The Soul's Journey: Guidance From The Divine Within

For more information: www.thesoulsjourney.com

Give yourself a day to let it all go and discover what is beyond!
Meditation heals the body, even lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure. More than that, it calms the mind, bringing inner peace as it opens the gateway to the extraordinary domain of pure Unbounded Awareness. Through guided imagery, healing mantras, chants, gentle movement and ancient teachings you will mine the riches of meditation and deepen your access to your powers of healing and self-renewal.

For information or to register call: (914) 234-4800

Mysteries of the Divine Feminine:
Kundalini Awakening and Empowerment.


by Lawrence Edwards, Ph.D.
Author of The Soul?s Journey: Guidance From The Divine Within
The extraordinary power of Consciousness to transcend the mind, body and even the world, to know the Infinite as your very own Self, is symbolized as the Goddess Kundalini in the yogic tradition. This great power is known in some form in every spiritual tradition. Awakening Kundalini marks the most important turning point in the soul?s journey. In this retreat people will be guided through practices that awaken and unfold the inner power of meditation and yoga, Kundalini. With that power we will explore the archetypal realms of transcendence, wisdom and grace. Through mantra, chanting, breath work, and the profound tales of Inanna, the Black Madonna, Kali and Kundalini we will further access the inner source of true knowledge, wisdom and freedom. That inner source is your highest Self, the Divine within.
February 24-26, 2006
Friday: 7-9pm, Sat. 9am-5:30pm, 7-9pm; Sun. 9am-3:30pm
Anam Cara, Inc., Bedford, NY
$250 (includes lunch Sat. & Sun.)
Accommodations and additional meals extra
For more info: www.thesoulsjourney.com

Sponsored by Anam Cara, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching meditative practices. www.anamcara-ny.org

The other workshop is devoted to Svaroopa Yoga, a method which lead to the experience of deep bliss of the divine within the body. Although I have not experienced this particular yoga myself, I do know teachers of this form, and am sure it would be a most memorable experience, especially for those following a kundalini path. You can also look up the name of this yoga, or its teacher, on the internet and get more information. It is quite fascinating, I think. (Mount Madonna Center is a wonderful ashram/retreat center located in the mountains near Santa Cruz. It is an ideal place for a workshop of this kind. It has wondrous energies throughout.

from Mount Madonna Center:

You are invited to attend a New Workshop with Rama Berch
at Mount Madonna Center...

The magic that yoga offers to the body is only a starting point! Yoga can also work magic with your mind and your heart. Emotional issues have a profound effect on the way you handle your life, impacting your ability to see life clearly, your ability to plan and make decisions, and your ability to enjoy life.

Using the tools of Svaroopa® yoga, Rama will teach poses to open your heart, while she shares teachings about the true nature of the mind and emotions. She will include a wide variety of tantric practices to provide you with a profound depth of experience, including yoga poses, breathing, chanting, meditation, contemplation and study of the related sutras. These ancient practices transform your body while they heal hidden emotional issues and provide you with the means to dissolve their power. This program is accessible to all levels of yoga practitioners

About Svaroopa® yoga

Svaroopa yoga offers a significantly different paradigm. The Svaroopa yoga practice is both physical and more than physical. When your body is contracted, it shuts down and you lose the ability to feel it. Svaroopa yoga uses precise alignments in carefully selected poses, along with meticulous placement of props, to open up the deepest tensions of your body. This also opens up conscious access to the ever-expanding inner realms of being. Rather than using hatha yoga as a sophisticated form of exercise, Svaroopa yoga pursues the search for an understanding of the deeper purposes of yoga: the understanding of your own essential nature.

We specialize in the inner opening. Our poses release the tensions in the deepest layers of your body - the layers of muscles wrapped around your spine. As soon as you experience this physical opening, you realize that something has opened all the way through your whole being. The physical changes are profound and reliable, but they become less significant to you as the practice provides an inner transformation that gives you new eyes through which to see. Your life and the whole world begin to look perfect, even though it is the same world that used to drive you to despair. The most profound shift is the inner one.

RAMA BERCH teaches yoga according to the ancient tradition as a path that leads you to Svaroopa, the bliss of your own being. Teaching since 1976, she has trained over 1,000 teachers in her trademarked style Svaroopa® yoga. As founder & director of Master Yoga Foundation, former director of yoga for Deepak Chopra, and President Emeritus of the national Yoga Alliance, she is committed to creating a supportive and unified environment within the yoga community.

For more information see www.masteryoga.org.

Tuition: $200/weekend, $560/week, plus fees.

Deposit: A deposit of $100 is required to register for this program.

Credits: This program offers the following educational credits...

Continuing Education Credit for nurses, MFT/MFCC's, and LCSW's.
Fulfills the spiritual practice prerequisite for John F. Kennedy University's Graduate School for Holistic Studies.
May be used as an elective for Mt. Madonna Center's Yoga Teacher Training 500 hour program.

MOUNT MADONNA CENTER is a community designed to nurture the creative arts and the health sciences within a context of personal and spiritual growth. The Center is inspired by Baba Hari Dass and is sponsored by the Hanuman Fellowship, a group whose talents and interests are unified by the common practice of yoga. Located on 355 mountaintop acres of redwood forest and grassland overlooking all of Monterey Bay, the Center offers a supportive community atmosphere for relaxation, reflection, and a wide variety of learning experiences. Program participants are invited to join in all ongoing Center activities - celebration, work, and play.

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