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Friday, June 09, 2006

Some Comments and Molly Ivans 

The blogger site went down for a few days, and so I was unable to post. Here is a bit of catchup:

First, my body feels infinitely better. Whatever it was which was affecting me has largely passed.

Patricia told me this morning that on the national spelling bee for children, one of the very last words was "kundalini." I had to stop and reflect on this. Some ten or so years ago, a friend who was computer savvy typed in the word "kundalini" on his search engine, and a total of four entries came up. Now at least the word is in the public vocabulary, though, of course, most people still won't know what it is.

On a recent T. V. special tracking contenders for the Holy Grail, a segment discussed a simple bowl now possessed by a monastery somewhere in the British Isles. This bowl was reputed to have healing powers, and seekers were allowed to borrow it temporarily for personal uses. One woman who experienced its energies wrote describing what she felt. The caretaker was rather shocked, and commented: "She said things which she should say only to her lover." In other words, she sensed kundalini power as divine love, and, as usual, the "authorities" felt her response was inappropriate for a sacred object.

However kundalini and spiritual influence is spreading throughout the world, we still have to keep sight of the outer world and its follies. This is the context for the current spiritual revolution, and we cannot refuse to acknowledge its presence.

Molly Ivans recently published the following article which, in her inimitable style, sums up the current state of affairs. Usually I don't include political essays on this site, but I couldn't resist this one--it's a classic which should, I think, be required reading of everyone, especially those currently in power:

Published on Tuesday, June 6, 2006 by TruthDig.com

Flag Burning and Other Dubious Epidemics

by Molly Ivins

Thank goodness the Republicans are around to tell me what to worry about. The flag-burning crisis--here in Austin, there's that pall of smoke rising from the west every morning (it's from an area called Tarrytown, where they burn hundreds of flags daily).

You didn't know hundreds of flags were being burned daily? Actually, you can count on your hand the number of incidents reported over the last five years. For instance, there was one flag burned in 2005 by a drunken teenager and one by a protester in California in 2002. This appalling record of ravishment must be stopped. You're clearly not worried about what matters.

Gay marriage, now there's a crisis. Well, OK, so there isn't much gay marriage going on here in Texas. None, in fact. First, we made it illegal. Then, we made it unconstitutional. But President Bush is all concerned about it, so I guess we have to alter the U.S. Constitution.

Gus and Captain Call (of "Lonesome Dove" fame) will be an item--with who knows who waiting in line right after them.

Also of great concern to Republicans is God Almighty, who, rather to my surprise, has been elected chairman of the Texas Republican Party. That's what they announced at the biannual convention in Fort Worth this week: "He is the chairman of the party." Sheesh, the Democrats couldn't even get Superman.

Also weighing down the nation with a heavy burden is the estate tax, which the Senate will try to repeal this week. The estate tax applies to around 1% of Americans, and I have yet to find any record of it costing anyone a family farm or business. It affects only very, very, very rich people, of whom you are probably not one. And they don't, actually, need another tax break.

These are the things we are supposed to be worrying about, and you notice that it frees us of quite a few troubles we might otherwise fret about.

The war in Iraq? No sweat.

War with Iran? We're carefree.

The economy? Hey, did you see that employment report? Well, ignore it.

Budget out of control, shipwreck ahead? Never mind--Bush doesn't. Worst class divisions since the Gilded Age, rich so much more enormously richer than everybody else, country starting to get creepy? Don't worry, be happy. Torture, massacre, extraordinary rendition, hidden gulag of prisons in foreign countries, Guantanamo and massive violations of international law, American law and the Constitution? Well, you can see why gay marriage is a far greater menace.

Wipe out for the environment; hundreds of regulations and laws changed to favor those who exploit and damage natural resources; all so common no one is keeping track of them all? Let her rip.

Global warming? In the first place, it's Al Gore's issue. In the second place, it's a downer. In the third place, who cares if it's too late in a few years?

Homeland security/war on terror? With the highly excellent disposition of anti-terror funds once more judiciously applied by the Department of Homeland Security, we truly have nothing to worry about. We're ready to stop terrorist attacks in Wyoming, and there are no important cultural sites in New York City, so let's rock.

Oil crisis? Ha! What oil crisis? You want a $100 rebate you can then give the oil companies? Hey, we're going to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and that should see us through ... oh, about nine months.

Windfall profits? You think the oil companies are ripping us off for windfall profits? Who? ExxonMobil? Why, they would never!

I believe what we have here is a difference over moral values.

The Republicans are worried about the flag, gay marriage and the terrible burden of the estate tax on the rich. The rest of us are obviously unnecessarily worried about war, peace, the economy, the environment and civilization. Another reason to vote Republican--they have a shorter list.


Molly Ivins is the former editor of the liberal monthly The Texas Observer. She is the bestselling author of several books including "Who Let the Dogs In?'Copyright 2006 TruthDig, LLC

(I received this article from Patricia Lay-Dorsey. Once more, I urge you to look at her site, www.windchimewalker.com It is a treasure trove of information about the current world situation as well as other things.)

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