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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bliss Again 

Recently, I have been in a kind of "downer." Along with several of my friends, I have felt depressed over the world situation, feeling like my encounter with the divine k. energies were finished for sure, that life was a rather drab and monotonous process.

Then my friend came to the rescue. He is someone who experienced deep k. awakening a few years ago, and now is using those energies to heal others. Frankly, I have been wary of allowing him to do this kind of healing on me, for his energies seemed so intense and even unstable, that I was fearful he might upset my own.

But yesterday was different. We had gone together out to a quiet park on the edge of the city, where no one else was around. The day was perfect--the gentle sun stroking our faces like a lover's touch. He asked if he could do a healing on me, and this time I said yes. I was, as so often is the case, having severe problems with eyestrain, and was ready to seek help from other sources.

I was seated, and he stood before me, two or three feet away, with his palms open. Immediately, I felt gentle bliss flows. And these continued--as delicate, sweet, lovely energies circling through my body. It was pure love, and I went deep into the state of receiving.

This morning, after I did my customary exercises in bed (a little self-reiki, a bit of self acupressure, some eye movements, toe wiggles, things like that), I got up and went into the living room intending to do a few minutes standing movement before breakfast. I have a new CD from Jonathan and Andi Goldman ("Tantra of Sound Harmonizer"). This CD consists of sounds to open and vibrate the chakras from the crown down and then back up. As the tones resonated through my body, I felt, once more, the exquisite energy flow which I had not experienced (at home) in so long. (For this exercise, I stood in front of my Buddha thongka, and rotated my hands a few inches in front of me as the sounds traveled downward.)

Once again, I was in exquisite bliss. Once more, I discovered that I (like Ram Das) was "still here."

For those minutes, I was, I felt, with Hildegard in heaven. For what is heaven but unending, flowing divine love, the bliss of the fundamental real.

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