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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Bliss of Flowers 

One week ago, when I was writing about the wondrous healing/bliss experience offered to me by my friend Michael, I ended the post with the reflection that heaven itself must be the flow of divine, unending bliss of the ultimate essence.

The bliss continued through the week, and was amplified by two events of the weekend--a "love feast" workshop with Tamara Diaghilev, one of the world's great healers and loving souls. As she moved through the room hugging each participant, I was able to see the faces of those receiving her blessings. They were totally radiant, lit from within with the flame of unconditional love.

As so often is the case, I did not feel the full intensity of the experience until next day, when deep bliss kept welling up as I did my movements to the music of a CD by Krishna Das , who was giving a concert that night at Dolores Mission Cathedral. And, indeed, at the evening concert, the crowd together began to experience the exquisite vibrations of this gifted singer/musician. The room became flooded with bliss and heat, and the young folks in the crowd began to dance in the aisles, while others simply stood and swayed a bit.

Once again, I did not feel the full effect until next day at home, again with subtle movement and music.

Now comes the (for me) truly amazing part. This morning, as once more I went into my "ecstatic trance" state (fully conscious, of course), I stroked the petals of a lovely plant of cala lilies which someone had given me. Then I held my hand above it and, voila, bliss flowed. I tried the same with the small plant (African violets) which Michael had given me after the healing referred to above. Once again, bliss flowed. So then I picked up the little plant and moved it in front of my face--now cheeks, brow, eyes and all--I felt flowing bliss wherever it moved. It was, for me, a new experience. I love things which grow, and often feel a wonderful sense of oneness and beauty and joy in nature. But this was different. It was something at a yet deeper level--the bliss behind the appearance, the energy of the naked goddess.

It was, once more, proof of the ultimate connection of all in an infinite field of love.

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