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Friday, October 27, 2006

Cloud of Unknowing on "Fruits" 

(See September 20 and various entries thereafter for the story of Cloud's ongoing awakening.)

The Test of the Fruits
By Cloud of Unknowing

Fruits I receive when I trust the Goddess and accept what She tells me:

Joy, peace, bliss, sense of connection and universal Love, energy, weight loss, more bodily flexibility, seeing auras, occasional bursts of light around me, sense of beauty, feeling light, feeling sexual and affectionate but not guilty or possessive about it, intense LOVE, feeling of I AM, waves of pleasure, living the fullness of life, living in the moment.

Fruits when I doubt the Goddess and fight against what She tells me:

Pain, discomfort, feeling of disconnection, doubt, fear, no bliss, feeling of internal conflict, lack of love, feeling of being heavy, difficulty seeing auras, fear of judgment, negative thoughts about myself and others, feeling sexual but guilty about it, backing away from affection, sense of loss, living like I am in shadow, worrying about the future and the past.

COMPARE THE FRUITS. And make your decision who to trust based on the fruits.

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