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Sunday, October 08, 2006

"Dislocations" (poem by Eric Ashford) 

Here is a poem from Eric Ashford, whose work has appeared on this site in the past. This moving poem reminds us that pain is also a part of life, along with joy. The cycle continues always, and we must shift along with it.

One of the great advantages of poetry is that it can deal with both aspects equally, just as life itself (like the kundalini path) turns again and again from light to shadow and back again. And, moreover, the skillful artist can create beauty even from the experience of extreme pain.

(the blog where this and other of Eric's poems may be found is: Dances with Sophia
Poems by Eric Ashford)


And then there was this subtle rift.
a misalignment of our souls.

You went a step away
or I took a step back
there was no clarity
only the drizzle of a dark pain.

I just stood there swinging like a door
while you walked blindly through me.

Last night
I woke up shivering
listening to the rain.
I wondered,
If we all come from the land of love
then why do we have to drown
out in the open like this?

Why tears are our closest friend?

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