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Monday, November 27, 2006

Eric and Naggie--multiple sites for poetry and pictures 

Today, I (Dorothy) received the following note from Eric Ashford, whose work I have frequently posted on this site. Eric is quite prolific, and maintains several poetry blog sites:

this is to notify you that I (Eric) have created a new blog.
Called - A Lighter Kind of Dust.

At- http://stardustpoetry.blogspot.com/

other of Eric's recent blog sites are-







And N. M. Rai also has several sites of poetry and original photographs.
She says:

I have three galleries called "The Life of Flowers" - same bouquet at

Her blogsite is:

Spirit Feedings: poems by n.m.rai

Sacred and ecstatic songs not bound by any one tradition as all contemplative poems are fingers pointing to the same moon.

I especially admire both Eric's and Naggie's ability to combine poems with beautiful images. The visual component adds a great deal to the effect.

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