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Friday, November 24, 2006

Gifts for the Eyes 

Patricia Lay-Dorsey, who gave me (set up)this site some years back, has now embarked on a new career as an "art photographer." (Actually, perhaps "soul photographer" might be a better description. She has an uncanny knack for discovering the very essence of her subjects, both human and otherwise.) She has taken literally hundreds of thousands of digital photographs in the past, but now she has bought new equipment and advanced to another level. Her work is, to my mind, quite mesmerizing in its ability to combine technical skill with true feeling for the subject. To view her work, go to:


And, my friend "Naggie," who goes by N. M. Rai, been posting wonderful images on her internet gallery site for quite some time. Her work displays a most tender sensibility, able to capture the nuances of the beauty which surrounds her. Here is her site:


One view holds that the source of creative talent is in fact kundalini energy itself. If this be so, then both of these friends are abundantly endowed with it.

Thanks to you both for giving us such a feast for the eyes.

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