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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The New Children 

Doris Lessing, at the end of "The Four Gated City," projects a future in which children with unusual powers (E. S. P. and other gifts) will appear. They will communicate with each other in ways the adults cannot understand.

Today, there are many reports of children born with a strange maturity, wise beyond their years. Some have called these "indigo children," (their assigned color on a psychological typing chart); others are called "crystal children." (I have given references to both of these in earlier posts.)

I have met a few of these children and they are indeed remarkable. One friend reports that his four-year-old observed, "I think god is a big ball of love. And the churches don't really work."

Recently, when I was discussing this notion of indigos and other unusual children with a gifted intuitive, she confided that she has been seeing a special energy emanate from the upper chest of these youngsters. She said it was not a new chakra, just a new energy center located between the heart and throat chakras. I found the idea quite intriguing.

This morning as I was reflecting on all of this, it occurred to me that the new energy center could be the thymus gland, which is located precisely here and which in the past was said to have no known use in the body. (I believe this view has now been corrected, but I am not sure of this.) I wondered if this gland were not being activated in order to produce an advanced version of the human species.

Then, just now, I was reading the descriptive pamphlet for Jonathan Goldman's CD album "Holy Harmony," in which he states:

"In various specialized workshops, I had groups chant "YHSVH". The effect was extraordinary. In addition to the ability to produce Divine frequencies and thus cleanse imbalanced and negative energies, it also seemed to specifically activate the thymus gland's related energy center and anchor--what I call the "Christ Energy"--into the body. This energy is able to do a vibrational recalibration of our cellular structure and DNA."

I found this a striking synchronicity, and a fascinating idea. Seemingly the thymus has uses the old scholars never dreamed of. And (good news for all), it can apparently be activated in adults as well as the young.

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