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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Messages from Animals 

Recently, I visited Stephanie Marohn's Animal Shelter an hour north of San Francisco. (See her link on the sidebar) Stephanie lives on a hilltop along with her four sheep, one miniature horse, a donkey and two cats.

Stephanie gathers the wool from her sheep and has them woven into comforters. She asked me to feel some of them to see if I could pick up any vibrations and messages from the sheep who grew the wool. So, although I had a bit of performance anxiety, I held my hand above each of the comforters, and from each got a definite surge of sweet loving energy as well as a brief message.

Later, I couldn't quite remember what I had said, so I asked Stephanie to write it up for me: (Queenmere, now departed, was the mother of Chloe. And I actually played a bit with a little remnant of Charlotte's pure wool, running it around my face and neck.)

Hi Dorothy
You said, "Oh, oh," when you felt the comforter because you got a surge of energy. "Love, love, love," from Queenmere, and commented that hers was the strongest energy. You said you could feel Queenmere all the way down to your toes. Queenmere also said thank you. You said she wanted me to know she was right there (since she had died in March and was on the other side). That all three--Queenmere, Chloe, and Charlotte--were such sweet loving energy. Charlotte was a wave of love. As was Chloe, who also said "Tee hee," pure joy.

So, today I express gratitude for the presence of animals in our lives. My wish is that their loving, caring energies will spread across our world, and remind us of our own connection to source, pure love.

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