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Friday, November 17, 2006

Tobias on the Need for Documentation 

The material channeled from "Tobias" continues to be quite interesting. This site, which just began a few years ago,now attracts thousands of readers daily. And small groups affiliated with the "Crimson Circle" now exist all over the globe. I am always impressed by how quickly the "spiritual development" movement is spreading. For me, the phenomenon is especially impressive, since when I began my journey (some twenty-five years ago), virtually no one (in my acquaintance, anyway) had heard of such things as Kundalini, channeling, etc. The movement was just beginning, with the Seth materials, Carlos Castenada, and a few others attracting some followers. In my early journals I predicted that the movement would start slowly at first, then pick up speed rapidly as more and more of us tuned in to the New Consciousness. Tobias says that some 14,000,000 people are now undergoing spiritual awakening worldwide, though I do not know how he arrives at this figure.

I am also interested in the fact that Tobias encourages all of us to keep a record of our journey for the sake of those who will follow us. I intuitively did this and the result was "Unmasking the Rose", a book which many people have found helpful as a guide for their own awakening process. It was difficult to put such personal material up for public view, but now I am glad that I did so. Today others are coming along with their own personal accounts. All are valuable, as sources of information about this growing collective phenomenon.

The Crimson Circle website is:

On the site you can both read and hear past channelings.

And here is the location for the particular excerpt below (from one of the early channelings on the topic of ascension):



QUESTION: Tobias, why do you ask us to begin documenting our experiences? I have long held that when we need the memories and information, it will be there in total recall. Am I mistaken?

TOBIAS: We ask you to document it, because it is not about you. You are doing this for the benefit of others. How could they all tap into your memories and brains? For you, it would be fine. For the many who need the understandings that you come to, it will be important to document, to write down, to creatively find a way to illustrate what you’re going through. Do you realize that there are a small handful of humans that are going through this process right now? As we said, as of this timing, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 million But do not hold to that number, because it changes quite fast. It is growing rapidly. If there is a small handful of humans who are going through the process, think about all of the others that are coming through soon. Where will they turn to for help? What will be the best way to help facilitate their process? Do you want them going back for their answers to the very churches that you created in old energy? No, this would stifle them. It is not that we are saying that the churches do not provide a wonderful service, but it is – how to say – a step along the way. These are the ones who will need the books to read to assure them that they are not going crazy. If you had had these to read, imagine how much easier your path would have been! They are the ones who will need to go to the classes to understand the difference between going into ascension and going through menopause. (audience laughter) Because many of you are at that age when you are accused of going through menopause, you tend to think that’s what it is. We are here to tell you something different. Oh, indeed you are going through a change. Indeed your chemistry, your body, and your mind are changing. But it is not menopause. We ask you to be the ones to create the classes, to create the tools, to create the communication vehicles in all sorts of ways, to be the ones who are ready to answer the calls. If there are 14 million today, next year at this time there could be 144 million, and it could continue growing from there. As we said, the time is short for the quantum leap. It is not about you. It is about serving those who come after you. We would like to make a point also that you are not bound to any contract here. Your contracts are done. They have long been done. You do not need to do anything. You will not be punished if you do not accept this role. We are here recruiting in love. We are asking you – if you so feel – to step forward. There are difficulties and challenges. One of the potentials that you may select on this day – (and that is why the energy of your spiritual potential exists here; it has never been brought in before, but it comes in) – you may choose at this time to not continue in this process, because it is difficult. You may choose to lead a quiet life, what you would call a "normal" life. We will love you just the same. We will still come to you in your dreams and be beside you. Life will take on a somewhat easier pace, an easier role. We will still love you. But we also encourage all those who are ready to continue moving on that your energies are needed at this time.

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