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Monday, November 06, 2006

Vibrational Healing 

Last night, I watched a video on healing with "sound," here equated with vibration itself. The speaker, Dr. Peter Guy Manners from the U.K., explained that each organ or part of the body has its own vibratory signature, and when this is not "in sync" with the overall system, illness results. In England, healing through restoration of the correct frequency is apparently growing into a widely accepted modality. It is achieved through the use of a small machine, which uses a detailed computerized data bank to ascertain the needed frequency which is then "restored" to recover the health of the affected part. There are also various devices used in the U.S. for a similar purpose.

Along with this presentation (an interview by Jonathan Goldman of Dr. Manners), there was a segment on "cymatics," the use of vibration to change the pattern or shape of various materials. This work, discovered by Dr. Hans Jenny (now deceased) has many implications for the nature of matter, the use of vibration to structure the universe, the nature of human and other molecules, and such. Indeed, vibration is the foundation of the universe itself--a perspective echoed by the Bible in the famous passage "in the beginning was the word" (that is, sound or vibration) as well as in ancient Shaivite literature (see the Spanda Karika, which I have discussed before) which says that the "divine tremoring" accounts for the genesis and continuing manifestation of the universe and all it contains.

As you consider these various theories, there seems to be a real connection among the many healing modalities which use various forms of energy to achieve health. One thinks immediately of acupuncture, acupressure, t'ai chi, chi gong, sound healing, movement, dance and music, intentional "energy healing" from a practitioner (including shamans),yoga, reiki, kum nye and other approaches which rely on energy and/or vibration for their effectiveness.

In the midst of all of these techniques, Kundalini emerges as a significant source. When Kundalini comes forth in all its full glory, the body (often) receives an electric awakening, as the chakras and other centers open and energy flows freely where it was blocked before. Even in the course of slow, steady opening of the chakras (the recommended and generally safer method), health may be significantly increased, since the circuits (called nadis in the ancient texts) may be opened to the flow of the universal life force. Sometimes these and similar energies are called Kundalini, sometimes chi, sometimes prana (for breath itself can also work in this way.) All (I beieve) serve to raise the vibratory rate of the entire system, and healing may result throughout (though if the flow is blocked, pain or illness may result--this is the great danger, and a major reason why these techniques have been so carefull guarded through the centuries).

Persons with recently awakened Kundalini (a time when the energies are often quite strong) are said, in ancient texts, to be irresistable. Likewise, "all the world loves a lover", who often has a "special glow" as all the energies are awakened and flow freely within (my notion, though I have no proof).

Seen from this perspective, all is vibration, all is energy. Vibration creates the world and keeps it going. As modern physics and ancient wisdom agree, everything is in motion, everything is energy, everything is in a state of constant pulsation. To awaken to Kundalini is to come into awareness of the divine interplay on all levels, for now you can feel on a deeper, more sensitive level both the bliss and the pain of your being.

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