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Sunday, November 12, 2006

World Sound Healing Conference 

As I delve deeper into the use of sound for vibrational healing, I find that the World Sound Healing Conference is being held in San Francisco this year in May. For more information about this event, check the following site:


Several famous musicians and sound healers (such as Jonathan Goldman and Don Campbell) are scheduled to participate. I know nothing about this group, but it sounds like something of importance to anyone interested in this area. Indeed, the first item listed on the list of panels is the very subject I have been exploring recently--finding the frequency of organs to resonate them back to health.

Here is a list of the panels and workshops to be presented:



Cutting Edge Sound Healing Technologies

There are a wide range of new powerful technologies that are being developed for healing and personal transformation. This new power brings with it an extraordinary amount of responsibility. Some of the techniques that will be discussed these techniques include:

1) Finding the frequency of organs in order to resonate them into healthy functioning, as well as using frequency to disintegrate diseases.
2) Discovering the root frequency and harmonic structure of a person in order to bring them into balance.
3) Using Voice Analysis techniques to acquire information about a person's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Then using this information to identify frequencies that can facilitate the alleviation of an illness or promote optimal functioning.
4) Theme Park Entertainment - Using synchronized sound, light, and Virtual Reality experiences to create a new generation of transformational entertainment.
5) Environmental Restoration - Using sonic technology to clean up air and water on Earth.
6) Potentially Dangerous Applications - The use of sound for military purposes and to affect weather patterns.

What else does the future hold?

Bringing Sound into the Medical Field

It is time to bring the ancient and current power of sound into the mainstream. Just about everybody in the field of PsychoAcoustics and Sound Healing has had a glimpse of how powerful sound really is. Sound is finally reaching the threshold of mainstream acceptance due to the successful clinical applications and research of many sonic pioneers. As teachers, healers, and scientists we are all aware that the medical establishment, in its current form, can not provide a comprehensive solution to the world's struggling healthcare needs. We believe that innovations in alternative medicine, particularly in the field of psychoacoustics, can help bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern technology to create practical and sustainable solutions that provide highly effective treatment at a fraction of the cost. With a little effort, these solutions can be integrated into mainstream awareness, and eventually create comprehensive lifestyle solutions that will raise the consciousness of our entire planet. Now, how can we best facilitate this process by building bridges between the Sound Healing field and the Medical Industry?

Raising the Consciousness of the Planet through Sound

In this time of accelerated change on our planet, there couldn't't be a more important time to learn about how sound can be used as a tool for personal transformation and healing global destructive tendencies in order to bring the world community together.

Natural Sound Healing Instruments

Natural sound healing instruments are the most ancient and powerful tools for shifting vibration to a higher level. We will discuss the various applications of Sound Healing using the voice, crystal bowls, tuning forks, and many other natural sound healing instruments. We will also discuss the importance and power of intention in the healing environment.


In alignment with the theme of "Together through Sound", many of the workshops will be facilitated by a group of specialists in a particular area of PsychoAcoustics and Sound Healing. This approach will give the presenters an opportunity to interact and share their wisdom with each other, while providing the attendees with a broad perspective on the various subjects.

Sound and Medicine

It is important to understand the way that sound effects the various aspects of our physical and etheric bodies. This workshop will discuss various perspectives on how sound can be applied within the medical environment and discuss the importance of educating Spas, Alternative Health Centers, and Hospitals about the therapeutic uses of sound.

Sound and Psychotherapy

This workshop will discuss how sound can be used as an effective tool within the clinical and psychiatric environment. Can the use of sound decrease the need fprescriptionion medication and provide new alternatives for outmoded treatment interventions?

New Sound Technologies

Workshops that will explore some of the new technologies that are being used for healing, raising consciousness, and repairing our eco system.

PsychoAcoustic Music Production

This workshop will take a look at specific recording, mixing, effect and production techniques for maximizing the power of your recorded sound within tlistenerter.

Rhythm and Healing

This workshop will explore the power of rhythm to affect human biometric systems including heartbeat, brainwaves, breath, and more.

Sacred Geometry

Learn to understand the sacred geometric structure of the universe and how it relates to the structure of sound.

Natural Acoustic Sound Healing

A hands-on workshop that will allow you to feel the natural vibrations of voice, crystal bowls, tuning forks and other natural instruments.

Voice Analysis

The use of voice analysis as a diagnosis technique, and to ascertain the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of a person.

Healing Music

Some of the top Healing Music producers in the field.

Sound and Intuition

There are many intuitives who can hear every part of your being as frequency and can give advice and make medical observations based on these frequencies.

Music Publishing

How to get your music out on the market.

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