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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Eric Ashford Speaking His Poems 

As many of you know, I think very highly of Eric Ashford's poems. Now a new blogsite, originated by his (and my) friend N. M. Rai, has a special offering--Eric saying his own poems (plus a few by N. M. Rai).

Poetry itself began as an oral art form. Only in recent centuries has it become primarily a written form. Through this site, and others like it, it is gradually reclaiming its rightful place as an experience of hearing.

Eric is English. His voice matches his lines. His work is nuanced, elegant, and exciting. I would compare his writing to Dillon Thomas in its brilliant imagery, to Pablo Neruda in its deft presentation of the language of love. His work is above all alive with passion. His reading is totally professional. I continue to rank him among the best poets writing today, and only marvel that he has (as yet) not been "discovered." Will someone not "find" this gifted poet and give him the encouragement and publication which he deserves? If you have any thoughts on this, let me know. In the meantime, enjoy his stunning poems at:


Thanks, Eric and Naggie, for making such a rich experience possible for all of us.

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