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Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Global Consciousness Project 

One of the more interesting studies going on at this time is the Global Consciousness Project which has the purpose of determining whether or not extraordinary events which affect the consciousness of great numbers of people (such as 9-11 or Katrina) can also affect mechanical measuring devices. Conceived of and operated by a group of respected scientists, it has been underway for several years, with some truly fascinating results. I won't try to explain the project here, but simply present the following information taken from the site itself. The material includes a brief description plus a listing of the topics covered on the site.

See http://noosphere.princeton.edu

Global Correlations in Random Data
The Global Consciousness Project, also called the EGG Project, is an international and multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists, engineers, artists and others. This website introduces methods and technology and empirical results in one section, and presents interpretations and applications in another.
We have been collecting data from a global network of random event generators since August, 1998. The network has grown to about 65 host sites around the world running custom software that reads the output of physical random number generators and records a 200-bit trial sum once every second, continuously over months and years. The data are transmitted over the internet to a server in Princeton, NJ, USA, where they are archived for later analysis. Individual data create a tapestry of color. The dot below shows coherence.

The purpose of this project is to examine subtle correlations that appear to reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world. The scientific work is careful, but it is at the margins of our understanding. We believe our view may be enriched by a creative and poetic perspective. Here we present various aspects of the project, including some insight into its scientific and philosophical implications.

scientifically treated results

a study of apparent patterns that should not exist in truly random sequences

analysis providing details and context to support building good models

an unambiguous picture of data with minimal interpretation

the goal is to learn the sources of structure and understand mechanism

random sources
egg data archive
basic experiment
the primary results
hypothesis registry
normalizing the data
control comparisons
eventbased analysis
analytical extension
long trend example
models and theory
free data access


a poetic history
hatching an egg
egg host network
media information
noosphere's status
the realtime display
weaving a tapestry
a musical interlude
the original website
production credits
how to contribute
what you can do

poetic interpretation and art

a free hand with possiblities touching eye and ear, seeking the heart of the matter

aesthetic and spiritual issues that are central to creative cultural evolution

the meaning of evident links between events and observers

the goal is to see interconnection as real & creative mind as magical


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