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Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Next Level 

Recently, I visited a small "spiritual gift shop" located in a more or less out of the way place about an hour or so north of San Francisco. When I entered, I knew at once that I had discovered something very special. Later, as I was describing this experience to a long time (mostly telephone) friend, we together marveled at how many things that were on display there had in fact "come into being" (entered Western consciousness) only in the last 20 years or so.

There were many beautiful thongkas (wall hangings of Buddha, mostly made in Nepal), something many of us have only recently begun to discover There were goddess images and goddess books throughout. There were various crafted objects from various parts of the world, mostly the product of native artisans. The store literally reeked of spirituality, with Tibetan bowls, spiritual greeting cards, incense and perfumes.

Today, many tend to take such offerings for granted, but twenty or thirty years ago, few people in our society were aware of the goddess, sacred objects from Tibet were generally unknown, and the idea of the evolution of consciousness was virtually unheard of. Yoga, Tarot, acupuncture, tai chi, even massage--these were still viewed as esoteric practices which were far from the mainstream awareness. An entire spiritual culture has come into being, almost as if orchestrated elsewhere. Likewise, major shifts have come about in society's thinking about racial equality, women's rights, gay rights and similar areas. Not all problems have been solved, but seeds that were planted many years ago have grown and borne measurable fruit.

My friend (who is near my age) and I reflected on how many of these changes we have witnessed in our own lifetimes. Like me, she herself has gone through major spiritual awakening, and we often share stories of our various "weird" experiences. And, like me and many, many others on this path, she also carries a deep sense of isolation and loneliness, particularly with respect to her family and others with whom she still cannot speak comfortably of her personal kundalini experiences (what would they think?) We agreed, as always, that this is a long and lonely journey, one which offers many challenges as well as immeasurable rewards.

And, as always, we compared notes on how the world seems in certain ways to be getting worse, not better. Nonetheless we both felt that what is emerging is indeed a rebirth of spirit, an acceleration of consciousness that is growing at ever faster speeds.

And, for us both, this is our hope for the new year and the new era. Something special is being born among the ruins. Something unique in human history is happening all around. Those of us who have been awakened (or propelled) into this new awareness are convinced that something is going on that is rare indeed.

So this is my wish for the New Year: may we all be carried toward that light which ever beckons, and may each be blessed with fundamental love as we move into the new era of ever expanding spirit.

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