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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Last Interview with Gopi Krishna (continuation) 

The last interview with Gopi Krishna continues as follows:

TK: The research of this force is the most urgent task of our time.

GK: It is the most urgent. I have been saying it, after observing my own
state for at least 30 years. For 30 years I said nothing because I wanted
to confirm that my experience was real experience, and not a delusion and
that it is corroborated by ancient tradition. I made a study of those
traditions, and I found that my experience is in conformity to the ancient
traditions. After that I wrote my first book, and now in my 80th year I
solemnly say this and this alone is the answer to modern crises.

The answer is this: The brain is evolving and present science doesn't know
how. There is complete darkness about it because you cannot see this
evolution of the brain. By external observation can see only neurons and
their connections. It has to be seen from internal observation by awakening
this power. When this power is awakened, then you are able to observe the
internal working of the brain and that shows you that you are still

TK: What do you propose? How do we investigate this?

GK: I think any sane government, any good government, should first make
research on the brain, on the nervous system. The ancient religious
traditions, the ancient occult traditions. After all, we have to understand
that religion has always been a companion of man. We have evidence that man
was religious even two hundred thousand years ago. The first relics found
show that those people were performing religious rituals, so it means
religion has always been a part of human life.

What research have we made on it? We have made research on psychic coma.
But no research on religious tradition and religious experience. If we were
to devote as much time and resources as we devote to other scientific
experiments, the results would be a hundred-fold more precious.

TK: The results would prove...

GK: The results will show that the human brain is still organically
evolving, that certain lifestyles, certain ways of behavior are necessary
to live in conformity to the inner changes, and that religion came in time
to guide mankind on this path.

TK: And it is the path that will lead us to the stars, if it is our purpose

GK: It will lead humanity to this new dimension of consciousness. It will
lead to the goal which nature has assigned for her. It will lead humanity
to a peaceful co-existence, to happiness, to long life, to much greater
achievement than she has done, even now. It will lead her to the
exploration of the universe.

TK: How will this affect the political structure?

GK: I need not say, for the experiments will show what kind of life and
what kind of environment a human being must have to evolve completely in
harmony with the law of evolution, there will be more freedom.

TK: I believe that things happpen not by chance but by purpose to our life,
that there is a purpose to our existence.

GK: Now, please tell me, can such a vast creation be purposeless? Can such
a vast creation come out of nothing? Can such a vast creation ruled by laws
be all composed of dead, insensitive matter? The very idea of being -
existence - - comes from the mind. A rock or a mountain or an ocean has no
idea of existence, this existence comes from intelligence, and the author
of the universe must be intelligent. If we didn't have an intelligent
creator, there would be no purpose to this existence. There must be a
purpose. If there was no purpose, how have we then come to have a purpose
in ourselves? We do everything with a purpose. How has this purpose come if
there is no purpose in creation? How do we act on purpose? So it means that
purpose and plan is a part of consciousness.

TK: The very fact that we build nuclear weapons is spiting nature's wrath.
You said that nature is very merciful, and that nature will use the least
amount of force to put us back on the proper path.

GK: Unless nature were merciful, how would we be here? You see this Earth,
inside the Earth, fire, it is a volcano, inside inferno and outside the
Earth fire. You have cosmic rays coming, for which you have an umbrella.
Known as the "hemisphere layer" this umbrella is 50 miles from the earth.
If you didn't have this layer there would be total destruction of all life
in a short time. We are so protected that even on single slip or error can
destroy all of life on Earth. If nature were not merciful, how could we
live? The very fact that we are alive and that all these hazards around us
are controlled by other powers means that nature is merciful and kind.

TK: And even though we are building nuclear weapons, spiting nature's
wrath, nature will be merciful.

GK: It gives us chance after chance. Just as we overeat and go on
overeating, many times nature forgives us. But when we indulge too much in
this bad habit we have a serious pain in our digestive organs. When we
overdo a thing then naturally disaster overtakes us, so we cannot blame
nature. But ourselves, we have an intelligence, we have reason, we have
learning. But if by having everything we ignore it, then of course nature
has no alternative except to teach us by suffering. For instance, 16
civilizations have perished so far, and we are not even aware of what
reasons prevailed that made those civilizations at the height of power
mingle with dust. The reason is that at every stage of progress, life of
man has to change.

For instance, a child grows up and he lives one type of life when (he) is an
infant. Another kind of child, has tastes, his activities change when he is
an adolescent, then further when he is an adult. Then when he is mature and
at last when he is old. At every stage he has different tastes, different
activities, different ways of life. The same is the case of nations and
people. They have to change at every stage in their development. For
instance, there were once feudal systems: before that, clans, tribes, or
monarchies. But now we have democracy, so even the systems of our
governments are changing. Why? Because our brain is evolving. But when we
stop living according to the laws of our evolution, we degenerate
indignantly. This is also happening at present.

TK: If a man wants to go into his room and hang himself, no one can stop
him. This is what we are doing with nuclear weapons.

GK: When we deviate from the path we invite suffering and disaster for us.
There are devices in our brain, in consciousness, which when we digress we
invite a calamity or disaster. We are devising nuclear weapons: there is no
sense in that. War can be fought without nuclear weapons but we are devising
weapons to punish ourselves.

TK: So what is the hope? Where does the hope come from?

GK: Heaven is always merciful. If we analyze the course of our present
dilemma -- crisis -- and try to change that, try to live more in harmony
with the laws of evolution, this threat will be averted. But if we continue
like this there is no chance. We must suffer.

TK: What would you tell the leaders of the world?

GK: The leaders of the world have to be convinced and for that convincing
the experiment is necessary.

TK: The analyzing of Kundalini energy?

GK: We have to show that the brain is evolving, and that this evolution
needs a certain kind of harmonious life. If this life is denied, man
degenerates and brings calamity upon himself.

TK: You have the Kundalini Research Foundation in Canada and in
Switzerland. Please explain to the public what this is.

GK: It can be started anywhere. If it is good, it is started in many
places. The United States can provide a beautiful environment for this

NOTE: The final section of the interview will appear tomorrow.


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