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Friday, January 26, 2007

The Last Interview with Gopi Krishna (concluded) 

This is the final segment of the Last Interview of Gopi Krishna, The interview was set up by Gene Kieffer of the Kundalini Research Foundation, and the interviewer was Tom Kay. The Kundalini Research Foundation was begun over thirty years ago for the purpose of publishing the writings of Gopi Krishna and to pursue scientific investigation of kundalini phenomena. Several volumes by Gopi Krishna have now been published, most if not all edited by Gene Kieffer. For more information about Gopi Krishna, see


(NOTE: Now Gopi Krishna continues his discussion of the need to analyze kundalini phenomena and to conduct experiments to further our understanding of kundalini energies.)

TK: You propose taking a hundred people and...

GK: For the experiment a hundred people will be needed but for running the
organization we can have any number of people who have a deep passion for
spiritual matters and who are prepared to mold their lives in consort with
the spiritual laws. They would be more than welcome in this organization.

TK: And these hundred people will lead a life prescribed and hopefully out
of this hundred, one or two will awaken.

GK: Out of the hundred to whom the disciplines are given, maybe three or
four will show the symptoms, some time after which scientists can observe

TK: What would examples of this be? What will happen to these people?

GK: What will happen is that the brain activity will be increased and its
effect will be found all over the body. There will be metabolic processes
which can be measured. There will be physiological changes which can be

TK: And the effects of this on the world?

GK> They will convince the biologist that this change of the mind, of the
brain, has physiological systems. Those into whom these processes start may
bloom into geniuses. By blooming into a mystic, both sides will be
confirmed. For it is the evolution of the brain that creates a mystic or a

TK: And these are the same mystics and geniuses all throughout time, that
we would study in the past?

GK: For the first time we will study the religions and the occult
literature of the world with an aim to finding how the brain evolves, and
what methods are needed to make it more active so that the evolutionary
processes become faster.

TK: So in effect this will be the spearhead of a new race of human beings
to prove all human begins have this ability.

GK: It will be a spearhead for many things. It will be the spearhead of
changes in the social and political systems. It will be a spearhead for the
first time bringing to the notice of the race that there is the potential in
every human being which is the most precious asset that he has, and which
can transform him from a mortal into an immortal and eternal source of

TK: Is this what evolution has meant of human destiny and it is inevitable
for this to take place?

GK: Man has come for this purpose. Otherwise please consider this for a
moment: one whole planet -- the Earth -- and all its kingdom -- mineral,
animal, everything -- is placed at his disposal. Why? Because man has to
attain to other states of consciousness for which all these recourses are
needed by him. Otherwise, if it is not a planned creation it would be
useless to put all this at his disposal. If he has nothing to do, only to
live like animals. It is because he has to reach to higher dimensions of
consciousness that all this Earth and its resources have been placed at his
disposal, and he has been granted an intelligence to make the best use of

TK: A strong love from birth, a strong mother and father, a strong, loving
environment will help develop this.

GK: I can't say strong, but I can say that a more harmonious, more
peaceful, more happy, more contented humanity will come out of this, and
then in every generation there will be some people who have reached the
higher dimensions. They will be the rulers, political leaders, scientists,
and educators. They will guide the race to rise higher and higher and

TK: And we don't have a spiritual leader of that magnitude today?

GK: At this time we do not but they will come. They will be born when
experiments are made and what I say is confirmed.

TK: What is your wish for the children of the future?

GK: Children should be brought up with the ideal cultivated in them that
the universe is ruled by an intelligent power, that they must cultivate
purity, honesty, truth, compassion and live ideal lives. In that way they
will conform to the evolutionary needs. That is the best thing we can do
for the children.

TK: How can we help the people today who have been lost to drugs or have
killed people? What do they need to know?

GK: When you place before them an alternative that in their own entirety
there is a mind of happiness, an ocean of eternal life, and prove it they
will take that path. You must show them a better incentive.

TK: What do we need to evolve moderate lifestyles? How can we effect our
evolutionary process the best?

GK: We need healthy food, simple dress, a clean shelter, a wholesome
occupation, education for our children, to have the highest happiness on
the earth. Happiness comes from the mind, not from the world. A man may
have all the luxuries but his mind might be depressed. He will never be
happy. It is the mind that gives us happiness. A peasant, a poor farmer
eating just a bread with a little salt, sometimes has a better appetite and
eats with more relish, than a rich man who eats all his delicious food.
Nature is very, very wise in this. I have seen people who live hardy lives
who eat with such an appetite, simple foods that one would like to eat with

TK: Are the biological bases of manic depression, schizophrenia, and genius
all manifestations of the same thing?

GK: Yes, they are interrelated. You see, if you do not live a disciplined
life, then the awakening of this center can be unhealthy. We know that many
of the geniuses perhaps have been most mentally unhealthy, had on mental
disorder or the other. This is due to the fact that they did not know how
they had to live. Similarly, we have this schizophrenia. Many people who
think they are poets, some who think they are spiritual geniuses, some who
think they are in touch with God. That means a distorted vision of the same

TK: It means that their Kundalini --if that's the right word -- is off

GK: Yes, it means that the system is not pure and that the energy is not
working in a healthy way.

TK: Do you feel that there are other life forms beyond our life?

GK: There can be in the universe different species of life more intelligent
than we. It is a vast place and there can be thousands of species different
and more intelligent than we.


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