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Monday, January 15, 2007

On One Side (poem) 

On One Side

On one side of the path, ecstasy,
on the other, dull grief…

Denise Levertov

Hail to the mother of us all!
I salute the holy receptacle
from which we come!


I slip through
the narrow opening
between the great rocks
which witness
in silence.
I continue,
into sun,
into darkness,
sometimes stumbling,
sometimes plunging ahead.

At night
I slumber
beside my fire
as the eyes of the beasts
stare back at me,
embers studding
the cape of dark.

By day, the sun
emblazons the wavering landscape,
burning fields of amber light,
forests ringed
by fire.

I have forgotten about food.
I drink the dew of the leaves
at morning,
find hidden springs
beneath the stones.

I continue
for countless unmarked hours,
innumerable streaming days,
sometimes forgetting
that this is mine,
the path I have chosen,
the way I have wanted
to be.

I will know
my destination
when I arrive.

Dorothy Walters
January 14, 2007

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