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Saturday, February 24, 2007

About Aroma Therapy 

I have long been interested in aroma therapy, but really haven't studied it in depth. I just finished a phone conversation with a friend, who told me about a friend of his who has recently been using this technique for pain (which she has had a great deal of in recent years). She was relieved of all pain almost instantaneously after trying the essences prepared for her by a very gifted aroma therapy healer (who is also psychic). She shared her essences with friends (who were also experiencing similar pain) and they too had quick relief.

Is such near magical healing possible? I think so, under the right circumstances. Those circumstances would involve the sensitivity level of the subject (how closely in touch they are with their own subtle bodies) and the skill of the practitioner. I think that this field is like any other--some are more accomplished than others in their abilities. And it may not be a matter of textbook accuracy. Conceivably, it could involve that magical element simliar to whatever it is that gives some people a "green thumb" in gardening, or others the ability to cook outstanding dishes from the same recipes that some find difficult to use successfully.

Some years ago, I attended a workshop in which the leader brought us all into extremely heightened states of awareness. At one point, she demonstrated aroma therapy by passing a vial of essence across our nostrils. I remember very clearly the blissful sensation which wafted through my body from this brief encounter with such exotic odors (for me, frankincense and myrrh were the most powerful agents).

So--since I have experienced the effects of such delicate substances, I am a believer that there is indeed inherent "magic" in the aroma of such elixirs.

And so, once again, we are willing to believe what we have confirmed in our own experience. As the experience of kundalini spreads, more and more will believe in its powers. And perhaps their friends and families will also be more open to such knowledge as well.

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