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Friday, February 23, 2007

Is Kundalini Catching? 

A few years ago I met someone who was convinced that he had "caught" kundalini from his wife. She had experienced major kundalini awakening over several years, and was at the time well known in kundalini and spiritual circles. He had been totally supportive of her during many times of crisis, and was active in the various workshops and other activities she presented.

I thought this notion (that kundalini was contagious) was quite interesting, but had not heard of similar cases until just a day or so ago, when someone who is currently undergoing a significant awakening told me that his wife is now also experiencing telling kundalini symptoms. She is feeling waves of bliss sweep her body, seeing auras and beginning to write poetry for the first time in her life.

Is kundalini indeed contagious? Can one person be so deeply affected by another's experience? Apparently, the answer may be yes.

Obviously, the results are not the same in all cases. Oftentimes, the mate or partner of the aspirant will in fact be quite disturbed by the other's opening to new spiritual dimensions. Sometimes the consequence can be a rupture in the relationship, as the two draw further and further apart.

I suspect that what happens is dependent to some degree on the partner's own openness to unexplored realms, and the willingness to maintain connection as the two move together into new areas.

Many highly sensitive people can "pick up" on someone else's vibrations, both good and bad. Followers of spiritual leaders often report such responses, and so do others who can "feel the vibes" of the ordinary person sitting next to them. Once we open to the universal vibratory field, we become susceptible to all kinds of novel experiences. We can feel the "hit" from an energy healer as he/she infuses us with the energies of love. Something inside "knows" through actual feeling who has good vibes, who bad.

Perhaps the time is coming when larger and larger numbers of people will "catch" kundalini as it moves through the greater society. In Rupert Sheldrake's terms, perhaps a "morphogenetic field" is being prepared, and as a result, greater numbers will undergo the kundalini experience, possibly earlier in life and with more ease. I like to think so.

Who knows, it may in fact be happening right now.

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