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Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Liturgy of Light (Cloud of Unknowing) 

Note: I now have a digital camera, and from time to time will be posting my early pictures, such as the one above.

The following poem was written (or "channeled") by Cloud of Unknowing, whose work has previously appeared on this site.

The Liturgy of Light
Transcribed by Cloud of Unknowing
Under the guidance of the Congregants of Her Divine Love
February 16, 2007

In the Hall of Light the Congregants gather
Those who see the Divine in the form of the Goddess

There is one Divine Spirit
Eternal, the Spirit that grounds all form
This Spirit is Love
Eternal, undying love
Love of infinite names
God of all Souls
All gods are a facet, a reflection of this Spirit

This is the liturgy of the Congregants of Divine Love
Those who see this Spirit in the form of the Love Goddess
The Spirit takes the form best-suited for each of us
For some this is God, some Allah, Buddha, Christ, Atman, Krishna , Ahura Mazda, Shiva, Zeus
All names for facets of the One
A facet for every one, all cells of the Greater One
The Congregants of Divine Love experience the Spirit as Love Goddess
This is how we worship

Oh, Goddess, great Mother,
Goddess of Light
Goddess of Love
Goddess of Mercy
Goddess of Compassion
Goddess of Passion
Goddess of Sex
And Goddess of Chastity

Bless us as your children
Bless us as your lovers
We worship you
We give you thanks
We thank you for your glory
Revealed to us in the Divine Feminine

Makes us instruments of your love on all the planes
The Material, the Ethereal, the Astral, the Heavenly
Your gardens, your playgrounds
Make us instruments of your mercy and compassion
Help us to heal those in pain
Help us to heal those in sorrow
Help us to see You in All Things
For you are in All Things
Because You Are All Things

Goddess of Divine Love
Goddess of Passion, Goddess of Desire
And Goddess of Restraint
You are Athena, Wisdom in form, strategy, knowledge, justice
You are Aphrodite, Passion in form, love, sexuality, warmth
Athena and Aphrodite are two of your faces
Some of us see you as Mother
Some of us see you as Lover
Draw us closer to you
In whatever way is best for each of us

We pray now for all in pain
All women, all men, all children, all animals, all beings
All are reflections of You
You created us to Love us
And you call us back to you through Love in all its forms

Oh, beautiful Goddess
Woman of Heavenly Light
Take us, love us
Help us to love others
Help us to love ourselves
For in others and ourselves
We see the reflection of You
Whatever we do to others
We do to You and ourselves
Help us give others love and pleasure, knowledge and mercy
So that we give You love, pleasure, knowledge, and mercy
Your desire is mercy and love, not judgment
Help us be like You
Help us Be Love

Your fruit is ecstasy
Your milk ambrosia
Take us and love us in whatever way You will
We are your creations
Our tears drop gladly down our cheeks
Flowing from the infinite well of your blessed eternal Love

After the song is sung
We Congregants Embrace
Her love flows between us
There is Bliss beyond knowing in Her smile as She watches Her Congregants Love one another
Accepting the Ecstasy of Being, Tasting Divine Love in each others souls

This is the Liturgy of Light of the Congregants of Divine Love
Do you remember it?
If you do, if it warms your soul, you are one of us
If you don't, if it does not resonate in your being, you see the Spirit in a different form than we do
But remember that there is only One Spirit, Eternal and Unchanged
We each understand a tiny part of this spirit, based on what is best for us
This is the form we understand best
Find the form best-suited to you
And love God however you can

(copyright, Cloud of Unknowing)

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