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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Something Is Happening 

Why I feel that evolution of consciousness is in fact taking place:
When my friend in Texas wakes in the middle of the night with a very sweet liquid substance flowing in her mouth, and her room is filled with odors so exquisite they cannot be described--something is happening. This "something" is described in ancient literature as what the advanced yogis might experience as they moved toward their coveted enlightenment. The sweet liquid is sometimes called "amrita" and sometimes "nectar." Her experience tells us that these accounts are not mythical but real.
When my friend in Kansas suddenly acquires healing capacities and the ability to commune with the departed, all this in addition to his own bodily regeneration through intensely moving kundalini energies in his physical body--that too tells me that "something is happening."
When my friend the music healer who lives not far away comes to visit with Tibetan bowls and CD's of sacred music, and I experience energies of such high vibration it is almost more that I can handle--again, I know that something special is going on.
What is this "something?" It is that which puts us in tune with the fundamental vibrations of the universe, the creative source which engenders and animates all that is. It reminds us quite forcefully that we and it are one, and that our "purpose" is to allow this majestic and loving current to flow through our bodies, material and subtle, until we are literally bathed in bliss and lifted into the new vibration coming into our world as a reality which can be consciously recognized and felt.
In that state, we know love, become love, and are totally embraced by love for ourselves and all that is.
We have often read about it. Now we are experiencing it. It is indeed a moment of grace, even amidst the hardships of our time and perhaps of our personal transformational path.

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