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Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Divine Contagion 

Recently, I considered whether or not kundalini could be "catching." My friend Lawrence Edwards (Kalidas) wrote the following in response. (See link for his website) Kalidas lived in India as a disciple of Mutananda for many years and continues his practice in that lineage. He is now a world authority on the subject of kundalini and offers workshops and classes on meditation and spiritual practices.

Dear Dorothy,

I saw what you had written about Kundalini being contagious. It definitely is! Baba Muktananda used to joke about it in his shaktipat intensives where the Shakti would move through the hundreds of people in waves. One person would begin having physical kriyas and then two people next to them and it would spread out in ripples of ecstasy! Baba would say, you see - it's not just colds that you can catch from another person! There were countless sharings of spouses and children getting shaktipat from family members who had returned home after an intensive weekend. My mother received shaktipat through me shortly after I met Baba in 1976 and she had an extraordinary vision of Christ that overwhelmed her with love, leaving her dissolved in tears and a bit frightened! Not what the little old Norwegian was expecting from trying some foreign sounding mantra that she didn't know anything about! Thousand upon thousands of people have received the grace of Kundalini in this way. Kundalini is the Divine Contagion - pass it on!

In Her love and service,

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