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Monday, March 12, 2007

Only What Dances (poem) 

Only What Dances

I transgress.

Lord, join me in these fields of love.

I stand always
outside the gates,
beneath the walls
of the bastioned city.

Lord, join me in these fields of love.

I am the one
they warn
the young ones against,
the daughters
who come to me
at twilight
bearing gifts.

Lord, join me in these field of love.

When the sun
breaks over the distant hills,
my music floats
over cypress and pine.
My call echoes
across the snowy peaks,
the hidden valleys.

Lord, join me now in these fields of love.

The planets pulse
with the breath of my being,
the distant stars float by
in ecstasies of sound,
my rhythms foretell
the rise and fall of
dominions and heavenly bodies.

Lord who art as well my Lady,
come to me now,
let us move together.
Only what dances is real.

Dorothy Walters
March 12, 2007

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