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Friday, March 30, 2007


Last night I listened to a program on the work of Richard C. Hoagland, an innovative scientific observer,who has served as advisor to NASA, spoken before the UN, and published several books on his unconventional ideas. One of his early contentions was that there was water on Mars. At the time, he was derided for this (then) extremist view but Martian exploration has proved him right.

Another of his leading edge ideas is that there has been human life on Mars in the past--he cites the famous "Martian face" as part of this evidence. He also notes that at the north pole of Saturn (which is composed mostly of a cloudlike gas) are interconnected hexagons, rotating one within the other. The forms themselves remain stationary over time, though the gases constantly rotate within them. He feels that this evidence is extremely important to our understanding of how the universe works. He contends that the formations are energized from another dimension, one unknown to us. This phenomenon (and others) suggests that there are controlling "grids" or formulas for the operation of the cosmos which we have yet to discover. Spinning motion is essential to all of these phenomena, and seems to be related to the creation of the forms which occur in the material universe.

He also points out that both Saturn and Jupiter emit vast amounts of energy which do not derive from the sun. Since no current scientific theory accounts for this disparity, he again posits "hyperdimensions," which send the energy through to the planet. He posits that rotation in nature is the key to the idea of zero point energy, or free energy, a theory which has been around for several years on the "fringe" areas of science. (To look up these ideas, check "torsion physics" on Google.)

What is gaining wider acceptance today is the notion that there are "spin waves" within matter itself. "Spin waves in condensed matter are a current and well-studied topic in modern physics. However, there is a less-known backwater in this field: Torsion Fields, the quantum spin of empty space; the large-scale coherent effects of the spin of the particles in the virtual sea." (from another web source)

Indeed, much of the physical universe consists of spirals, from galaxies to the greater cosmos. So spinning, spirals, turning motions are all fundamental to the structure and operations of the physical universe.

Today, I attended a ceremony celebrating the life of Huston Smith, the grand old man of the spiritual world. (His writings on world religion are classics in the field.) As part of the event, Sufis from the area performed their famed whirling dances. As they danced before us, their graceful movements and music awakened the inner centers, and truly transported the onlookers onto another plane.

Surely these traditional movements serve to awaken and circulate the inner energies, hence begetting bliss. The dancers were clearly in a soft trance state, with ecstasy evident on their faces.

I once read of a man whose "practice" consisted of rotating his torso in a spiral several times a day. Through doing this, he kept his energies flowing, and maintained his connection with the transcendent realms.

Chakras are, according to ancient texts, wheels which turn as energies pass through them. So, as we move into higher states of consciousness, our energies spin in our bodies, and as a result, we frequently feel this spiraling as bliss or perhaps even ecstasy.

Perhaps what we sometimes feel within our own bodies is a taste of a great ecstasy which floods the cosmos itself with joy as it moves through its majestic turnings.

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