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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Deeksha, the Celestine Prophecy, Early Indications 

Today in a bookstore, I picked up a copy of a book on Deeksha, the technique I mentioned in an earlier post. Basically, Deeksha is energy transmission from one person to another, the latter then being empowered to offer Deeksha to others. It is presented as a means to transform humanity, as more and more people experience this awakening process.

I learned that when the method was being developed in India by Shree Bhagwan and Shree Amma, followers at first lived in the ashram with the leaders. They purified their bodies for some time by eating nothing but fruit, and received deeksha from the "founders" daily for several weeks. Later the time was shortened to fewer weeks, and finally, today, followers come for a three week stay to receive initiation into Deeksha. The founders aver that ultimately, when they build a great temple to house several thousand followers, an energy field will be developed so intense that one would need merely to walk through to be infused with the sacred energies.

This process strongly suggests the "morphogenetic fields" posited by Rupert Sheldrake many years ago. According to this theory, a process becomes easier to replicate each time it is enacted.

If you look at the website for James Redfield's "Celestine Prophecy," you discover a related notion. He too envisions a spiritual awakening now unfolding in society, leading to a time of "critical mass," when all will recognize that we exist in a field of living energy. Violence and insecurity will disappear when we connect with the divine energy source within.

Redfield foresees a time when humans will move "into higher energy states, ultimately transforming our bodies into spiritual form and uniting this dimension of existence with the after-life dimension, ending the cycle of birth and death." He believes that this spiritual transition can be vastly implemented through prayer power, and therefore he sponsors global prayer sessions, coordinating times all over the globe when humans can as a group focus their thought and intention on bringing about a worldwide shift into higher vibrational states of being.

I am not yet sure how to ascertain the exact time of these global prayer efforts, but I will post any information I receive.

And of course, there are many channelers coming forth, with groups of followers springing up all over the world. It is indeed as if a vast project were underway to achieve transcendence in the midst of chaos. In any event, "something is happening." And, of course, I believe that kundalini is the basis of all of these amazing changes, though it may be called by different names in different contexts.

I am reminded of a passage from "Unmasking the Rose," the memoir I wrote in the early eighties when kundalini was still almost unknown in the West: (this passage now seems to be prophetic of how the movement would catch hold and spread.)

The Transition Period

Those who have deliberately chosen incarnation at this time will act as centers of revitalization of society. They are marked by a sense of special purpose. Their aim is service, not self-aggrandizement.

Some will remember themselves through gradual, ancient paths. Others will have a sharp awakening, to speed the transition.

They will find one another, to give courage and strength..

It will be a rough time--none will know if they are "chosen" or victims of mass delusion.

The beginning will be the hardest; after the movement swells, progress will come more easily. The beginning will come at a time of universal darkness and despair.

Many will say "Nothing is possible," and abandon hope.

Others, in transformation, will say, "If this is possible, anything is possible."

After a slow beginning, this phenomenon will quickly spread.

Indeed, we do live in interesting times.

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