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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mating with God 

The myths of history are full of it. Semele and Zeus (she was annihilated soon after that fiery union, when she asked to see him in his full glory), Europa pursued by Zeus, myriad examples in the East, and even the Virgin impregnated with the Holy Sperm. Union of human and divine. Wedding ceremonies of the mortal and the god. Even the nun becomes the Bride of Christ and wears a ring to signify that sacred union.

In authentic sexual Tantra, each experiences the partner as divine, in a literal sense, and hence a portal is opened onto that "other plane."

Obviously we long for it. Clearly it is in our genes. What we want is to become "more than human," to be lifted to another plane, to experience "it" in its full intensity, not dulled and diluted by our limited human capacities.

But we don't want to be obliterated in the process.

Kundalini is, in my view, a sign of our need for just this--to become, to feel in our bodies and know in our cells, that we are more, that we too are part of this glorious process which inanimates the universe, which is the source and goal of all our existence.

But we can't think it. It is too vast, far too complex, far too filled with Mystery and the Strange.

Yet we can feel it. And we can experience it daily, though in a much stepped down, more limited form (though it still goes well beyond the level of the familiar and mundane.)

Even in the beginning stages of Kundalini awakening, some have a sense of a literal "mating with the god/goddess." No wonder. And this sense of divine union helps, I believe, to explain the origin of many of the early myths, which perhaps grew out of similar encounters with supernal rapture.

For me, the flow is now (as I have said) infinitely soft, gentle, sweet. It is bliss and yet bliss carries its own ecstatic mark. It is like nothing other in our experience. It tells us that we too are sweet, blessed, gifted with light.

My inner teacher of late seems to be Cambodian. He wears the tiered headdress of coils rising toward heaven. (Is this related to the concept of Buddha with many Buddhas rising from his crown in ever smaller but infinite progression? I don't know. I don't know anyone who can tell me.)

Yet I am led by inner symbols. A few days ago, it was an anchor, which I took to mean: Direct the energies downward to your feet, and I did.

Today it was a tiny yab/yum (god/goddess in union) located in the lower chakras. Why there? Perhaps because of late I have experienced immense pain in that region, possibly from "stuck energy." (I continue to experience intermittent pain of various kinds in the days following the bliss--the price I pay, apparently for tasting transcendence.) I keep forgetting that energy must flow everywhere, and never be allowed to become stagnant or still. So today I "allowed" the image to start a pleasant energy flow in the lower chakras, a feeling which was indeed sweet but not overwhelming, much like what Vyaas Houston (the Sanskrit scholar) calls a "brightening."

And then as the energies circulated throughout, I gently moved my hands in circles about four inches from the body itself. I paid especial attention to my eyes, always a troubling spot. And again I marveled at the sweet rhythms of "light" which danced around my cheeks and ears.

And then I said my prayers for those in need. The bliss itself thus becomes an offering to all named and unnamed who are especially challenged at this time.

Always a different experience. Each time a new affirmation that this is, for certain, real, indeed that for which we came.

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