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Monday, April 30, 2007

More from the "Twin Flames" 

NOTE: I posted the first note from Bonnie (in which she described her experience of awakening simultaneously with her partner) a few days ago. In a later note she explained that they live in a small town in Canada, and added that they have experienced no ill effects from their kundalini experience. What follows below is a more recent letter from Mark, Bonnie's partner. I am moved by the profoundly respectful attitude of Mark toward his shared experience with Bonnie, as they explore the Mystery together. (Bonnie mentioned that she was especially drawn to birds as a special symbol, so I thought these two winged creatures might be appropriate. And she described their experience as " Super-Twin-Kundalini-Energy-Souls." So I say, WOW! AMAZING! and, finally, CONGRATULATIONS. THIS IS A BLESSING BEYOND DESCRIPTION! (And I certainly have never heard of another one like it, though maybe there are others happening about the world. Things seem to be spreading faster and faster these days.)

Hi Dorothy,

My name’s Mark and you have recently heard from my partner, my fellow traveller and transpersonal explorer Bonnie. The two of us came across your writings; I think first your poetry, in our hunt to try to understand what we were and are continuing to experience together.

We came together in this particular incarnation a year ago; both of us well into our forties, each with very separate histories and narratives but as we have also come to believe; with a history of our own...maybe just not in this lifetime. There...I just went and blew my credibility right out the water... Bonnie is a single working mom with three grown children; a couple of them still at home and I find myself with an ex wife, a shared custody arrangement and two young boys, ages 6 and 9, both still at home ;-)

Over this past year, we’ve had experiences of transcendence, utter rapture, complete disbelief, synchronicity and other moments we’ve yet to fully understand or integrate that have changed both of our lives in ways we could never have previously imagined. We’ve used these words in our lives before...bliss...rapture...nirvana...soul...but only really have begun to grasp them fully in this past year. Previously they were mostly just words and interesting concepts ...now these things are real to us. I imagine you receive letters often from others trying to explain this type of experience or a similar relating of a Kundalini awakening to you.

I imagine you must occasionally smile reading the struggle to put in writing a description of these events...these sudden and life altering shifts...this immediate movement to a completely different plane of experience. The issue for me at least is that I’m trying to use language to convey experiences, thoughts, intense feelings, sensations and revelations that language seems ill equipped to describe. That’s how it feels trying to write any of this to you now. Perhaps a language other than English exists that’s better suited to describe all of this.

What finally drew Bonnie to contact you after following your blog and poetry writing over the past several months was your post of April 24th where you speak of your experiences in your journey with your friend Jeannine, your shared experiences of support and growth but also your shared experience of travelling this journey very much in isolation from most of the world around you. It seems that every account of Kundalini I have read involves an individual experience, some soul experiencing this and coping with this alone and trying to make sense of it with often no one to support them or understand them. We are very lucky and incredibly grateful...gratitude is such a huge part of our experience...in that we are going through this together, and we think that is a very rare and special thing indeed.

Our relationship is intimate...incredibly and rapturously so; for us this newly found Kundalini or just plain old “energy” as we came to call it before we discovered the term Kundalini, is often triggered by our intimacy; for us a kiss seems sometimes more of a portal than a physical act of touching lips, a potentiator that launches us far beyond any physical level of intimacy we could ever have imagined before this...or that one would normally expect from a kiss, no matter how tender, how full of passion. The physical pleasure and the spiritual pleasures...the powerful and incredible sense of union in our energies we experience together...the most amazing and shared sense of “coming home” we feel when we sense this energy rising in us...that captures a tiny piece of our experience. The nature of this intimacy we share goes far beyond the physical and well into the realm of the spiritual, certainly further into the spiritual than either of us has ever travelled before.

The inexplicable wonders that seem to arise out of it are something your average guy or girl on the street would have difficulty getting their heads around. This consensual reality as we often refer to it is just not prepared or ready unfortunately to take this seriously, and that is truly sad as there is great potential in this...great healing potential on a species wide scale we think. But that’s another letter... The absolute intensity of this and the apparent rarity of others who can relate is why neither Bonnie nor I have spoken a word of this to anyone in our immediate circles. Doing so in my case I know would be met by laughter...stares of disbelief... accusations of some weird mid life crisis of unique proportions...quick attempts to change the subject...a total and utter lack of understanding or more accurately a total lack of the framework required for understanding this. The language you use in your writing and your poetry are very welcome and comforting Dorothy.

You have spoken to my heart and soul numerous times in the past year without knowing it...well...I’m here now to let you know it. The potential of this World Wide Web (how fitting) is at work here. There is some good to be found in this strange technology that suddenly can join us with kindred souls we would never otherwise know existed. Thank you for sharing your story and your wisdom and in so doing inviting others like myself and Bonnie to do the same. Both of us have so many probably unanswerable questions Dorothy it’s difficult to figure out what to read next or where to focus in trying to understand this experience and to figure out what we can do with it. So much information suddenly has taken on a significance it didn’t have before this happened. And the more we learn the more we seem to want to know. So, any resources or suggestions you might have, given what little you know of our experiences, would be warmly appreciated. With gratitude, Mark

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