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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More on Secret Tantra 

I have decided not to use "Secret Tantra" as my title for the new poetry book after all. A friend pointed out that "tantra" is now a highly loaded word that might mislead some readers.

However, I continue to practice this "secret tantra" on my own. The day following my previous entry on the subject, I was rather ill--again, the perpetual stomach problems which have plagued me for so many years. As always, each high is followed by a low, each up by a down. I have no idea why this cycle occurs for me.

But today, I felt fine, and so did a practice similar to the previous one. Again, I took a hot shower and bowed before my Buddhist Thangka. Again, the sweet subtle energies were swiftly aroused, these somewhat more intense than before. Again, I closed my eyes and Buddha appeared now to my "inner eye," followed by what I took for a Chinese teacher, an ancient elder with thin goatee and long drooping moustache, an image we know from portraits from the past. (I have been reading more on Taoism, so this is not too surprising. My inner "teacher" is usually someone different each time--I wonder if there is a "teacher pool" like the old time "stenographer pool" in business offices.)

At first I felt the sweet flowing energies around my head and face, and then I saw another inner image--this time of an anchor. I interpreted this to mean that I should focus on "anchoring" or grounding my energies. This I did, and soon felt the bliss flow from the root down the legs to the feet. I then tried something I have read about--to send the energy through intention alone into the big toe. I did this successfully on the left foot, but had more trouble on the right.

Again, breathing deeply, I ran my hand (now about four inches away) over various places in my body--abdomen, spleen, heart, and so forth. Again, the exquisite energies flowed, and as always I marveled that this could be. Clearly, I was stroking the energy body or the light body, lover and beloved brought together in sacred embrace.

I cannot explain this. I do not know why it happens or where it leads, other than that this is, for me, my destined path. I include as part of my practice prayers for those in need, both those known and those unknown to me personally. Compassion is the inalienable companion of bliss. I see them in inextricably intertwined, one always accompanying the other, both essential in our lives.

When I was going through so many years of early balancing, I kept a faithful journal of each day's experience. I seldom do this now, but am writing here of these intimate experiences to help others now coming along who might benefit. And, oddly, I think "Unmasking the Rose" might even help me as well, in some later incarnation, when I return (conceivably) to this earth and am wondering what kundalini is.

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