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Friday, April 27, 2007

Twin Flames 

Earlier, I described how apparently one partner in a relationship "caught" kundalini from the other. Recently I have been corresponding with a couple in Canada who apparently have gone yet another step forward. They are having a "dual" kundalini experience in which they move together through the stages of the process. With their consent, I am publishing some of their comments, beginning with Bonnie's first e-mail and continuing in subsequent posts.

Dear Dorothy,

My partner and I embarked upon the most incredibly wonderful, blissful, completely transforming (or ... transmogrifying, as he calls it ... one of dozens of words that we have created in our attempts to understand, explain, and discuss this experience) adventure that either of us could ever have imagined one year ago. Before we met, neither of us had any idea that anything like this existed. Since then, we have found no lack of information concerning this phenomenon referred to as "kundalini", but have found no other instances of two people experiencing the entire event from the very beginnings of awakening, through to full blown kundalini splendor.
We can relate to nearly every word you write in your Kundalini Splendor blog, but our experience is not identical to yours or to that of anyone else, as is the case with every kundalini experience we read of.
We seem to be experiencing each and every aspect of our awakening and rising simultaneously, however, with no clear indication that either of us began sensing the onset before the other, and no real signs that one or the other is moving forward sooner or later than the other.
We have now reached the point where we feel as though we are in each other's presence at all times, and that many, if not most of our thoughts and feelings and emotions are felt and/or detected by the other. By the way - we live in the same city, but not together.
While in the more profound throes of the vibrating, humming, currents of energy, I have often been struck with the notion that we, together, have formed some type of super-twin-soul connection, built with a mortar of kundalini.
We read your blog frequently, and I've wanted to write to you concerning our connection for many months. I'm off work for a few weeks right now, and he has just sent me a link to your most recent blog ... today is the day that we make contact with you ... and, hopefully, gain a deeper understanding of all that has happened to us over the past year. Perhaps, our adventure in shared kundalini can shed some light on your own experience as well.
Thank you for your regular blog writings, Dorothy - and thank you for listening to me :)

Bonnie & Mark

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