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Friday, May 18, 2007

Higher Vibrations, Channeling, the Evolution of Consciousness 

Most channelers cover the same or similar ground and tell us things which are indeed true, but which we have heard before in one way or another.

They remind us that the earth is in danger, that our way of life must change if we are to save both ourselves and the planet we inhabit, that we are undergoing massive transformations on all levels (physical, mental, spiritual) and so we can expect worldwide dislocations to occur. We are warned to look out for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, great hurricanes and giant floods. And we must expect many people and groups to become unbalanced, and commit acts of aggression against others.

These beings (the vibrational entities who bring the message) say that they are from another planet, or another vibratory level. They exist within and amongst us but we cannot perceive them because we ourselves vibrate at a lower level. They come with their warnings because they have our own welfare at heart.

And I think most of what they tell us is right. It is easy to look around and see massive confirmation of most of what they say—certainly in terms of the disruptions and upheavals now wracking the planet, and the impending threats of planetary extinction through misuse and abuse of its resources.

Those of us who have undergone kundalini awakening find it easier to understand the messages about vibratory rates, for we have experienced states of consciousness which verify the possibility of moving into a more subtle level of vibration. We literally feel as though our vibrations are (in those moments) higher, more refined, more exquisite than any we have previously known. We often enter “ecstasy states,” and these are (I think) produced by these seeming “pulsations of light.”. Sometimes we develop paranormal abilities, and can see farther distances, hear softer tones, or smell more subtle scents. We become more prescient, more given to synchronicities in our lives. We may become mediums or psychics ourselves, learn to heal, or counsel others on the path.

In the simplest terms, higher vibration equals ecstasy equals entering a higher state of consciousness equals evolution of consciousness. This evolution has already begun. It involves a reconnection with what is ancient (the enduring underground spiritual/metaphysical stream) and with what is most “new” (new channelers, spirit guides, teachers of all kinds who are coming forth at this time.) Our external civilization appears to be in a state of collapse (though it can be salvaged, even now). But our internal structures of spiritual being, our realms of authentic soul essence, are being reinforced and reconstructed in many ways and from myriad perspectives.

What is our task during this time of critical change? To adhere to our deepest and truest values, to open ourselves to new challenges and embrace unfamiliar ways of thinking and being, to allow ourselves to move into these higher realms. Evolution is difficult and sometimes painful or frightening. But the path gets easier as we go. As more and more make the transition into renewed spiritual identities, the easier it will be for others to follow.

But we must also proceed with caution. We must use judgment, winnow out the “false prophets” among us, test and select carefully what paths we will follow. We must be dedicated seekers on the path, receiving that which is of true benefit, guarding against all that is false and deceptive.

As Jeannine says, “We are here to carry the vibration.” And when enough of us are engaged in the task, the morphogenetic field will be created, the tipping point will occur, and then, who knows what the next stage will be.

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