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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"I Am Struck" (poem by Michael Black) 

The following poem was written by Michael Black, a dear friend and one of the most spiritually dedicated persons I know. Michael is truly "one who loves nature" in all its aspects and hence he has devoted his life to the preservation of our physical universe, which he reveres as a manifestation of the divine. He is also acutely attuned to the vibratory levels and is a gifted healer.

I am struck

I am struck
by the moss
extending its verdant
tendrils over the
fallen trunk.

I am struck at
how the tree
offers itself up
as a home to those
beyond itself.

I am struck
by the extending
carpet of green as it
envelops its host in a
sacred shroud.

I am struck at how
the moss-bound corpse
offers itself up to
me as a consecration
of G-D's blessing.

One day moss will
wash over this body,
its tendrils cool and sweet,
transmuting thereby my flesh and
bone back to its essence.

The very same essence
From which I am struck.

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