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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

On Channelers and Group Souls 

An idea which has long appealed to me is that of "group souls," essences drawn to one another by their similar vibrations after their (human) death. I think of these "collective souls" as retaining their individual identities while at the same time participating in the group spirit. Similar ideas sometimes pop up in esoteric literature.

Recently I took down a volume by Alice Bailey, a major esoteric writer of the last century who was a student of theosophy, which she interpreted in her own terms through dictation from a "master" (a disincarnate soul.) I have not studied Alice Bailey closely, but as I skimmed the volume, I discovered that she speaks of "egoic groups," collectives of the "causal bodies" of those with similar vibratory patterns. (A "causal body" is not a physical body at all, but rather the "center of egoic consciousness," the core self which is retained from one incarnation to the next.)

Here is her comment on "egoic groups": "These (causal) bodies, which are the expression of the Ego, or of the individualised self-consciousness, are gathered together into groups according according to the Ray or quality of the particular Ego involved."

(Note: here "ego" is not a negative term, but merely used to refer to that sense of self which hold the psyche together.)

She also mentions kundalini in her writings, and advocated moving the energies up from the "lower triangle" (lower chakras) to the "upper triangle" (upper chakras). Some of her critics accused her of referring to sexual energies per se, and saw this as an inadmissible practice. These critics insisted that the lower chakras were the site of the lower "animal" nature, and, to them, no good could come from focusing on those centers.

Alice Bailey wrote numerous books, almost all "channeled" by her inner guide. In this regard, she resembles the channels of our own age, who sometimes produce works which become widely popular. "A Course in Miracles" is one example and "Conversations with God" another. I also think of the "Hathors," who speak through Tom Kenyon, and the Tobias channelings of the Crimson Circle. These messages (and similar) have attracted a wide following in recent years.

It would be interesting if someone did a study to see how well the various channelings match one another in content and perspective. The writer would have to be selective. I just looked up "channelers" on Google and found 74,000 entries. The information highway is now a river overflowing its bounds.

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