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Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Synchronicity 

This is how it happened: I was looking through my books earlier this week and I realized that I had two copies of Rilke's book titled "Book of Hours." My friend Stephanie was due to come by later that afternoon, and I wondered if she would want one. I didn't know whether or not she even liked Rilke (my favorite poet), or whether she would want this particular volume of small poems.

When she arrived, I asked her whether or not she would like this little book. She looked extremely surprised. Then she explained that she had been reading a library copy of the book (which she loved), had stopped to return it on the way to my house, and had been quite sad to let to go out of her hands. She longed for her own copy, and, voila!, there it was.

As Stephanie observed, sometimes it doesn't take long for requests to be answered!

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