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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Firing the Grid--The Response of Katherine Downder-Verlinden 

I have recently come across a website operated by Lynn McTaggert, who wrote "The Field" and "The Intention Experiment." Lynn is encouraging folks to participate in various "intention experiements" to determine if thought can influence outcome in certain circumstances. This site also contains various forums for like minded people to connect and communicate with one another.

One of these discussions was of expecial interest to me--several people described their experiences during the "Light the Grid" ceremony which occurred earier. They were writing in response to a suggested list of topics, and the answers were quire interesting. This one from Katherine Downer-Verlinden struck me as being quite remarkable, so I am reprinting it here (with her kind perminssion):

What time was it where you were: 4:11 a.m.

Were you in a group? No..by myself..but not;)

What was the weather like? Cool but warm enough to be outside, no wind..very light clouds

Did you have anything to eat or drink beforehand? No...my body was so energized I wasn't hungry at all..or thirsty.

What did you do to prepare yourself and your area? I brought alot of crystals..I had planned to put them in a circle...but I kept getting intuitions...I had a spot picked and when I got to the place to turn to go there..I heard..go towards the sunrise..so I went to my other choice. I had listened to Mozart earlier and went to sleep..got up and left to my place...I went into a meditative almost hypnotic state..and felt this throbbing visualizing energy vortexes coming out of me made out of golden cords and light pulsing into the ground down to the core and up to the sky then branchinmg out to reach out to people..I wondered if there were others close by who were meditating or the cords were randomly searching...then my body started pulsating with yellow then white light...I even opened my eyes because I thought someone was shining a light on me lol..but it was me...I went back "down" and sarted to send pulses of wave light out over the water till everything became lighter (as in bright..like all the auras were glowing..of everything the water, trees, everything..the clouds..anyways...I kept feeling gratitude and love for all my human experience..all of it. Memories went through my mind...I had also given permission for my spirit to participate in case I fell asleep..yeah right lol..
I kept sending the light and energy out in pulses sort of looked like what I would imagine an EMP would...and for a bit the water seemed different...I have to think about it for awhile...I held onto a large labradorite wand and a grid feng shue crystal...looks like a grid..

How did you position yourself? Standing ? Sitting? etc. I was sitting on a folding chair with my feet in the water. I stretched out my arms at first, but it felt better to let them rest in my lap.

What did you experience? Did you visualize anything? I think I answered that...lol..at least the visualizing..
I felt light..not just lighter..but as I said yellow then white...like I was mist..a veil of white energy..yes like that, and like I was above the water..it's hard to explain but the water had this two dimensional quality to it. When I started the meditation some coyote started yipping then a bunch of dogs got barking..I wondered if the saw felt ot heard the energy wave..then a fish came up and bumped into my feet..and some ducks came and landed in the water..near me..maybe 2 1/2 feet away or so. I have to ponder on it awhile because I haven't experienced anything like it before...but it was like connecting with love..loving others..like making love through the energy with everything..and noticing it but just letting it all happen...I have had loads of energy all day...and my legs which are severely disabled have been tingling and twitching and my feet feel more sensitive..maybe they got a jumpstart lol..I also feel exceptionally focused and really deeply grounded..part of the core of the earth..oooh that was amazing..I could see it..like the mantle of the earth going one way and the core turning the other and this zhung zhung zhung throbbing vibrating right through me..it looked like the core of a star cluster..the earths heartbeat..i kept getting tears not crying but I think I was awestruck

Would I do this again? You bet..anytime

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