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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Poem by Marina Gamble 

Marina Gamble is a poet of marked sensitivity and imagination. She kindly sent me the following poem, which was, she told me, inspired from reading "Unmasking the Rose." She told me that she has been "hearing poetry in her head" since she was a child, and assumed that everybody else did also until she learned otherwise years later.

I think we will be hearing more from her in future.

(I particularly like the image captured in the last two words of the poem, for this is exactly what kundalini in its full expression feels like).

An altar of gratitude

Yielding to the Source
Intimacy unfolding
Petal by petal

Eminent fragrance
Planted deeply in the roots
Spring forth a bird song

Everlasting glow
Of wine aged to perfection
Ripening the vine

Font of holiness
Born of pain and suffering
Baptizes beauty

Seek and ye shall find
A way to the opening
Of embracing God

Rest in unknowing
Bathe in the pure mystery
God consummation

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