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Friday, July 20, 2007

Sometimes as Elation (poem) 

Sometimes as Elation

Someone clever,
speaking of the
constant ascents and
plummetings of life,
the momentary thrills
of exaltation
followed always
by those too familiar
valleys of despair,
called this
relentless turning
“the Ferris wheel of life.”

Another, wiser perhaps,
saw the process as a chord,
as in music
where all the notes are needed,
pain and elation
equally essential,
to complete the final set.

I think of it as a clock,
with hands that go
ever around,
hitting each station
regularly in its turn,
sometimes as affirmation,
sometimes as resurrection
of grief,
never pausing in its
circling journey,
its perpetual spiraling
toward its unseen end.

Dorothy Walters
July 10, 2007

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