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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Dangers of Kundalini 

(The above image might be an archetypal representation of the "inner temple," the goal we all desire to arrive at where we will fully know and be fully embraced by Mystery. However, as Rumi remarked, "On the road to Mecca, many dangers.")

Someone asked me recently why Kundalini is considered to be dangerous for the unpracticed. We know that ancient texts warn that "premature arousal" of the inner energies can lead to various kinds of reactions, from discomfort to pain and even death. It is thought that for this reason the knowledge of Kundalini arousal was kept as a carefully guarded secret, to be shared only with initiates who had prepared themselves through years of rigorous discipline and practice.

Today, of course, many are experiencing sudden awakenings with little prior preparation or, in many cases, little knowledge of the true nature of Kundalini. What follows next is totally unpredictable, since each person's path is different, determined by numerous factors of heredity, upbringing, emotional and physical well being, and present circumstances. In other words, your Kundalini process is unique to you, perhaps similar to but still unlike anyone else's.

The positive results can vary from intensely pleasurable sensations all the way up to rapture and ecstasy, renewed energy, increased vitality.and health, deepening of mystical perception, a sense of universal love, a heightened awareness of beauty in the world, and so forth.

But then there is the downside. Some people experience pain and agony in various parts of their bodies, bringing symptoms similar to those of various diseases and physical maladies. Typically, no underlying physical cause can be discovered for these, and they generally pass away after a time, only to give way (often) to a new set of symptoms. How long this process will continue is anyone's guess, for again, it is totally unique to the subject herself. The traditional explanation for this disturbing reaction is that the Kundalini is going through the body and clearing blocks wherever they exist. These blocks can be physical or psychological. Someone who is subject to psychological or emotional issues will likely have a more difficult time in this stage. In fact, some never seem to recover, but continue in agony for years.

On the other hand, some seem to "breeze right through," experiencing notable improvement in overall health, even losing weight and finding welcome increase in vitality and energy, including libido. They may feel deep love for everyone and everything they encounter, for the world takes on a more beautiful aspect--colors deepen, joy abounds.

Kundalini is a profound teacher, but she is the trickiest of the tricky, the most fickle of the fickle. She gives us difficult lessons, for we now are in touch with parts of ourselves unsuspected before. One day we may be in bliss, the next in utter despair. It is, in Talullah Bankhead's words, "a rocky ride."

But--and here is the clincher--once the process starts, it cannot really be stopped. To attempt to bottle these aroused energies is (I think) the most dangerous path of all. New blocks will be formed, new and more intense challenges encountered.

Always, we are advised to find "an expert teacher" to guide us on the journey. But I for one have never found such a teacher, only those who demanded some sort of commitment to their own purported infallibility (and no one is infallible, when we come to the area of Mystery). I, like others I know, preferred to follow the "inner guide," for we have, I think, an inner knowing which will lead us through the dark passages. Today, we can at least find "companions of the soul," at hand or on the internet. Literature on the subject abounds, though we must carefully sort our the phoney from the real, the valid from the false and sometimes even preposterous claims.

No one follows the ideal example which is often presented as evidence of "true Kundalini." Kundalini knows no boundaries or rules. She (this goddess inside,) makes her own rules, follows her own inclinations. She seems to possess an intelligence, and will give good counsel if you will listen.

When she comes upon us, we realize that we are her willing subject, following and inviting her company but never in absolute control, all worth it for the blessing she brings.

A good resource to check out on this topic is http://www.kundalinisupport.org/

Lawrence Edwards, the primary originator of this site, is a world renowned expert on the subject of Kundalini. I agree with virtually all of his observaions, except that I would add that (in addition to past life karma) current life experiences, especially those relating to abuse, suffering, physical impairment and the like, can also powerfully impact how Kundalini unfolds for better or worse.

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