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Monday, August 06, 2007

The Intention Experiment 

(The above photograph is by N.M. Rai. Thanks, Naggie.)

Recently, I discovered a fascinating website which I am continuing to explore. It is presented by Lynn MacTaggert, who wrote "The Field" and also "The Intention Experiment." "The Field" (which I have mentioned before, offers a basic premise with which many of us are familiar--that each of us is merely a speck swimming in a vast sea of energy, for energy is really all there is. The further implication of this is that we are all One, for each thing is inextricably connected to everything else.

The above is a vast oversimplification of the thesis--the book itself is fascinating reading which I would strongly recommend for all.

The second book, "The Intention Experiment" expands these ideas and offers a project to test scientifically whether or not human thought, proceeding from sufficient numbers of practitioners, can influence matter itself. That is interesting enough. But of even greater interest are the various small cells or groups which have formed in conjunction with the site. These include members from all over the world with a multitude of interests, many of whom write fascinating accounts of personal experience or offer arresting reflections of pertinent topics. Sometimes the sites (both the primary and secondary ones) focus on calls for actual long distance healing through individual intention.

I think this is a fascinating idea. It allows for transmission of healing energies through vast distances of space, by groups of people focusing in unison or separately. We cannot know whether such healing is possible until we try. And given the unexpected developments of our time, anything seems possible.

In addition, several videos are included on a variety of metaphysical and spiritual topics, from Rupert Sheldrake (morphic fields) to Gurdjieff to the meaning of Namaste. (These videos are listed on the home page in the lower left hand part of the screen.)

Apparently, vast numbers of people have joined this site. It seems to combine a great many threads of interest into a very interesting network of investigation.

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