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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

More Love Poems to the Invisible (Dorothy) 

(This mandala is by Jeannine Keenan, gifted poet, artist, and friend.)

More Love Poems to the Invisible

This gift you have given me
Who can say its value.
I can only clutch it
wait for something more.


How is it
that you keep returning. . . .
Even after the candle has
long since died away,
even when I have given up
the remains of my longing
and gone to dream
once more alone in my bed.


These words you keep slipping
into my mouth.
This throat kiss.
This terrible knowing
of what it is
to be loved.


I will keep returning.
Even if I still, after so many years,
do not know your name,
where you are coming from
how to follow you
when you leave.


Now you are telling me
it doesn’t really matter
how long this affair
has gone on,
when it began,
who made the first move.
You say this moment
is pure honey.

Dorothy Walters
August 8, 2007

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