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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Poem by N. M. Rai 

(We all know that the "Dark Night of the Soul" is a stage we pass through not once but again and again. We hang on because we know that this, too, is part of the cycle, that light will again replace darkness. But as we go through the "down cycle", poetry can be of great help in our struggle for survival.)

Map Lines

You are already a refugee
in your own mind
torn from place and story

trussed in the fluidity of now
you dream of sea dragons at night
beasts bellowing winds

spewing waves instead of fire
as if that were better
as if the slowness of drowning
made it more palatable

you wander in map lines
and probabilities
in the inked realities
of instruments

the day is lined with baggage
a cacophony of voices
and flowers disappear

we know too much and
not enough
elephants fled the beaches
in the tsunami

there is no high ground trail
to run
from fear


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