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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Poets and Auras 

(The above picture is by my friend Naggie, who kindly gave me permission to put it up, after giving me a long and difficult lesson in this technique of transferring pictures to the blogsite. Her gallery is definitely worth a visit--at http://www.pbase.com/nmrai. She is a woman of many talents--including poetry, art, photography. She is also remarkably patient and helpful in assisting beginners learn some of the intricacies of the internet. Thanks, Naggie.)

Often in the course of Kundalini awakening, one discovers various "paranormal abilities," such as seeing auras, thought transmission, and such. I have frequently seen "auras" around others, almost always as purple light, which can vary from extremely dark tones to light violet. However, I haven't experienced this phenomenon in a very long time, so I was surprised when "it" happened again last night.

I was sitting in a small circle of poets, looking at the reader who was sitting a short distance away from me, when I began to see lovely purple light floating around her head and upper body. It was as if swatches of transparent color were shifting here and there in a fascinating display. Sometimes the tint seemed to streak the side of her body, at others it outlined her head.

And then I saw something unlike anything I have ever seen before. It was a "ball" or disk of deep bronze/gold just above her crown chakra. I was quite intrigued by this manifestation. It so happens that the friend who was reading is herself a loving and committed person, someone intent on her own spiritual search--so no wonder she had such a beautiful aura!

And then the next poet came up. He sat in the same place, and soon I began to see purple light outlining his spinal column (which I was viewing from the side) and extending up and over his head. It looked like the aura of a very balanced and healthy person. He also is an extremely nice being.

Once years ago at a poetry reading, I saw the line of light flow up and along the right arm of the young reader, and then continue all the way out to his hands, where he was holding his manuscript. And another time, I saw the energy rise up the back of an orchestra conductor, and out along her arm to her baton. And many years ago, I watched as a singer's aura expanded from her chest when she rose up to sing, then subside when she sat back down.

I think these particular auric lights are easier to see when the subject is alive and intent on what she is doing. Amazing stuff!

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