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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Rose Opening (poem) 

The Rose Opening

Listen . . . . listen . . . .
can you hear those honey drops fall
from the mouth of god?

Can you feel the rose
in your spine?

Whatever you were before
now you are only this.


Do you want
or feelings?
Or are they melted together
like the love streaming
from your lover’s eye
meeting the love
pouring from your own?


Does anyone else
feel this love?
Like the breath
of a thousand rose gardens
dreaming that they are petals
crushed in god’s hand.


Is this from this world
or another . . . .
do these words have meanings
or are they mere love cries
from that one
come to kiss you awake again.


God has a thousand names
and I but one tongue
to tell them.

Some call me a wastrel,
some a wanton.
All I want
is to dance this dance
we do so well together.


Are you looking for the goddess?
she is
the lash on god’s eye,
the invisible hand
stroking your velvet flesh alive,
the pearl
you found under your tongue
this morning.


All this time together
and still you have not told me
who I am,
where this journey leads.

Dorothy Walters
August 22, 2007

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