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Friday, August 24, 2007

This is Your Ocean (poem) 

This is your ocean

The Transformation

(for Patricia)

Do you think such things
are not possible?
have you looked in a mirror
seen the face you have become,
this sun marked visage,
this god shine parable
named you?

Never mind how you got here

When you are in love
you do not say
you are near love
or beside love,
or seeking to know
love's truth.

You say you are in love.

Never mind how you got here.
This is your ocean.
Drown in it.


This squalling wriggling time

Now we are birthing
not just ourselves,
but the world and all its beings.

We are women squatting together
in a delivery circle,
bringing forth
this new age,
this squalling,
wriggling time
ready to leap out,
shout its name aloud.

What it is about

This canopy of words--
this outpour of sayings--
they help up to unlock
the glaciers of the mind,
unfurl the tight knit banners
waiting to proclaim presence,
capture us, make love.


Waiting for you

Think about who you are.
Think of all that was rolled
into your skin
even before you were born.

What will you do with these gifts?
these sacraments waiting for you
to claim them.

Dorothy Walters
August 24, 2007

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