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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Breathing Light (poems) 

Breathing Light

This isn't the first time.

Being suffused
by unnameable love,
perfume from
an invisible rose.

I have long since
lost count,
given up trying
for useful definitions.

Description doesn't work
The words are too small.

I am just glad
you came,
showed up again today.

Like Calls Carried

We two are plunging on the waves,
falling from the heights,
fumbling in darkness
in the deep desert caves.

Your call echoes through me
like cries carried
on a desert wind.

My guide
this lantern
burning in my soul.

My compass
the ley lines of spirit
which the birds know so well.

I do not think
I will ever find you.
But I will carry
you inside.

Rich Darkness

You cannot think him
nor capture him into a phrase.

You cannot hold him,
measure electricity
on a scale.

You cannot touch him,
mountain echo escaping.

You cannot see him,
the rich darkness of a deep pit.

Why do you claim his presence?
What is the name
of what you seek?

Dorothy Walters
September 4, 2004

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