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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Drenched (poem) and a visit with Patricia 

(above photo from Patricia's website)

Tomorrow morning I will leave to go to Michigan for a visit with my dear friend Patrica Lay-Dorsey. As many of you know, she gave me (set up) this blog for my birthday present a few years ago. She has continued to nourish and encourage me in the time since.

I have often published her work (both written and visual) on this site. She is one of the most talented and remarkable people I have ever known. She is my model and inspiration, and I look forward eagerly to our visit together.

I will not be posting the blog for the next few days, but will return sometime next week. Have a glorious weekend, all.


It is not enough
to think about god,
like that famed sculpture
of a naked man in deep
of all things profound.

You must let go of
everything you
have supposed before,
all your assumptions
and presuppositions,
your notions
of what is real.

You must relinquish
your safe haven,
fall into the abyss
of no-space,
the deep chasm
of endless darkness
mingled with light.

You must become drenched
in the cataract of love,
which tears your limbs
one from another,
rips off your hair,
turns your heart
into an instrument
tuned to the fine
music of heaven's

Dorothy Walters
October 23, 2007

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